Solar Power: Lorde’s New and Long Awaited Album


Angelina Morffi

Full of serene and euphoric music, Lorde’s album, “Solar Power”, released Aug. 20 and surprised many.

Angelina Morffi, Staff Writer

Album: “Solar Power”

Artist: Lorde

Release Date: Aug. 20, 2021

Our rating: A

After 3 years of absence, Lorde has released the long awaited “Solar Power”, a celebration of all that is to experience through nature.

When writing her third studio album, “Solar Power”, Lorde took influence after experiencing the climate crisis first hand from her trip to Antarctica back in 2019. “To the uninitiated, it’s all white, everything frozen, a blinding world I’m permanently changed from getting to experience,” she explained in a Rolling Stone article.

Following 2017’s “Melodrama”, many took notice of Lorde’s evolution in music genres from alternative and indie in “Pure Heroine” to a more pop sounding style that was used in the former. Throughout “Solar Power,” Lorde used a guitar-based pop approach through songs like “Big Star,” “Fallen Fruit” and all throughout her album. Her new blissful and joyous tone surprised most, leaving them pleased with the result. She mentions how each record she creates is different, each one being a “pivot”.

“You can clearly see the evolution of Lorde’s songwriting and lyrical skills throughout this album,” senior Abigail Felan said.

Solar Power: A-

Released June 10, “Solar Power,” introduced many to Lorde’s newly found joyous and serene style throughout this indie and folk pop record. “Solar Power” is all about disconnecting with your cellular devices, even going as far as to “throw [your] cellular devices in the water,” and instead, live and experience the euphoric and blissful feeling of summer.

In some capacities, “Solar Power” does not show off her full potential and capability like singles from “Melodrama” did, such as “Green Light.” However, the song makes it clear how Lorde’s music is evolving. “Solar Power” has shown to be a simple yet perfect fit for this album.

Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All): A+

The sixth track, “Secrets from a Girl” is all about growing up and realizing that it’ll all be okay. Lorde reflects on her fears and built up anxiety from her teenage years to simply remind her younger self how it all will be okay.

“Secrets from a Girl” acts as a letter to the girl who wrote “Ribs” in 2013. Lorde tells Spotify Spotlight that for the making of “Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)” she uses the same chords from “Ribs” and simply reverses them, a creative way to alternate the song to fit the present.

“It is so visible how much she’s grown just from what she has written on the album, especially in ‘Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)’, when she reassures to her younger self that everything will be fine,” freshman Natalia Galindo said.

Fallen Fruit: A+
Lorde uses this song to address the older generation that came before her. She speaks to them with disappointment, frustration and sorrow as she explains how they have left us to fix the climate crisis that has been ignored for years. As a result, younger and future generations will be left to deal with this world that is, as we speak, burning from the predicament on our hands. “You’ll leave us dancing on the fallen fruit,” she writes, comparing Earth to a fallen fruit.

Overall, Lorde has proven her variety of skills and talents through her music. She has come a long way from being a scared and anxious teenager in “Pure Heroine” to a brave and outspoken woman in “Solar Power.” We are excited to see where Lorde’s new path takes her, and we are hopeful that it will be somewhere great.[powr-twitter-feed id=8f323dfd_1631159117730]