Supermarket Sweep’ 2020 Reboot With Leslie Jones


David Alliet

Supermarket Sweep is a new game show airing weekly on ABC. Its hilariously bizarre content creates a show unlike any other on television.

Alexander Tabares, Staff Writer

Release Date: October 18, 2020

Cast: Leslie Jones

Our Rating: B+

Supermarket Sweep has been rebooted for the third time since its inception in 1965. The game shows concept takes from quiz game shows, with food shopping themed questions. This is used to gain time in a race between all of the teams to take the most expensive items, which become cash value given to each team. This particular reboot follows the same bizarre concept and is hosted by former Saturday Night Live comedian Leslie Jones. She only improves this show, being her ever hilarious self. While Supermarket Sweep remains a silly show that keeps you answering the rather mundane questions, Leslie Jones hilariously bridges these segments.

A show with such a strange concept, being centered around food shopping, is surprisingly fun to watch. The trivia used to gain time in the big race is about such a common subject that it allows viewers to play along regardless of age. This makes Supermarket Sweep a perfect family game show. The race, which happens at the end of every episode, is also quite entertaining. The nerve-wracking nature of it makes it impossible to look away. Despite this, the appeal of watching a show about grocery shopping may deter some. To be fair, the show does have a ridiculous premise. However, the entertainment of watching people scramble through a grocery store to find items is surprisingly hilarious. The trivia segment is also far easier than a trivia show like “Jeopardy” and is about a topic that many people know far better than they would think. This makes for an enjoyable show that is surprisingly fun to watch.

“I did not realize how many brands I knew from just buying groceries with my family over the years. This show was able to make this useless knowledge useful,” sophomore Nathaniel Leiva said.

The host, comedian Leslie Jones, brings this game show from mediocrity to brilliance. Her hilariousness is pervasive throughout the show. She is the perfect host. She is outgoing and her comedy is very inoffensive, as in she rarely makes fun of people. Her uncanny ability to make any situation hilarious allows this show to transition from question to question, or trivia to racing, with ease. Jones makes Supermarket Sweep exponentially better and further diversifies it from other game shows and previous versions of this show.

“Leslie Jones is the reason why I am obsessed with this show, she is just so funny,” sophomore Bryan Guillen said.

Supermarket Sweep, a rebooted game show, is surprisingly entertaining. The trivia is about a topic so well known, the whole family can participate. The race that happens in every episode is also very fun to watch and intense. The heart of the show, however, is the host. Leslie Jones remains hilarious in this game show and is able to make the entire show funny. There are few game shows playing now that are better than Supermarket Sweep.

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