Frank Ocean “Blonde”


Sara Zamora

Frank Ocean fan listening to her favorite song “White Ferrari”.

Sara Zamora, Staff Writer

Album: “Blonde”

Artist: Frank Ocean

Genre: Pop/R&B/ Rap

Release Date: August 20, 2016

Our Rating: A

The wait is over, the new Frank Ocean album “Blonde” has finally been released! After a 4-year wait, Frank Ocean fans were eager for the artist to produce an album that measured up to his first one, “Channel ORANGE”. The 4-year wait was quickly forgotten when fans listened to the 17 track album, which is currently holding the top spot on the  iTunes top charts. The album was lead by a 45 minute visual album “Endless” which created a large hype and confusion from fans, who wondered when the real album would be released. The album was released a few days after the visual album, and after a long time fans were delighted to listen to more of Frank Oceans music. The album is currently only available on Apple Music streaming.


“Solo” is number six on the iTunes top charts. It is a slow emotional song, that adds a sensitive feel to the album. The song talks about being alone and waiting for the person you love. “Solo” is particularly catchy and makes you want to rap along with Frank Ocean.

“I love the new Frank Ocean album. “Solo” is such a good song. It took forever for him to release the album, but it doesn’t matter because the songs are so good,” freshman Isabel Jaen said.


“Ivy” is the second track on the album. This song starts off similar to the songs in his first album, Channel ORANGE. The song has a more depressing tone, which tells the story of an unhealthy and failed relationship. “Ivy” (like “Solo”) has a slow beat that speaks to your feelings.


“Nights” is the ninth track on the album, the song  features a roller coaster of passion. Frank Ocean starts off the song with the feeling of aggression and a faster beat. When we get to the end of the song, we hear sadness and a steadier rhythm. We hear Frank reflecting on a past relationship, and notice that the beat of the song is a symbol for how the relationship developed.

Fans can agree that “Blonde” definitely met the high expectations it was held to. The new album was well worth the wait and so far has been a great success. Fans will enjoy listening to the album until Frank Ocean produces another masterpiece.