The Salty Donut

Check out The Salty Donut if youre interested in a unique donut experience.

Check out The Salty Donut if you’re interested in a unique donut experience.

Our Rating: A

Donuts are America’s favorite and The Salty Donut creates a new twist by adding gourmet donuts to the table. The Salty Donut is known for bringing “craft donuts to Miami,” and, sure enough, that is their slogan. Located in the Wynwood Art District of Miami, Florida, customers enjoy an artistic atmosphere while eating pure art.

Visual of the gourmet donuts served.
The Salty Donut serves gourmet donuts.

The Salty Donut makes its donuts with detail and precision. Each stroke of movement that goes into the making of the donut is one of delicacy.  The shoppe provides customers with different options like the Oreo cookie cake donut holes and even Nutella holes. The best part of The Salty Donut is that everyday there are new and different options to choose from. This little shack in Wynwood keeps you coming for more.

“The Salty Donut is one of Miami’s hidden treasures; who would have thought such a little place could top a franchise like Dunkin Donuts?” sophomore Lula Kelly said.

Some argue that The Salty Donut’s construction is the major defect of this little paradise for sweet lovers. Some customers are forced to wait in the rain or eat their donuts standing due to the lack of seating. Customers suggest the business should expand and offer more seating.

Visual of The Salty Donut.
The Salty Donut has an artistic vibe amid Wynwood art.

However, what makes this place so different from other donut shops?

It isn’t the gourmet donuts. The construction itself is what differentiates The Salty Donut from a place like Dunkin Donuts. This donut eatery is not like most traditional restaurants. It offers a unique feel; sometimes a person could want something different, something that isn’t so ordinary and that is where The Salty Donut racks points.

“The same sit-down, air conditioned donut shops and coffee shops are mainstream. It’s soothing to know a place like The Salty Donut is right here in Miami,” sophomore Jolie Ontinano said.

The Salty Donut fits right into the niche lying in the heart of Miami’s Art District. It is the perfect escape for someone who is tired of the ordinary and ready to not only view art, but also taste it.