Instagram Overload


Giovan Pena

Some people use Instagram so much that you practically drown in notifications.

Robert DeDonatis, Staff Writer

When swiping down on your Instagram feed you’ll see the occasional “#tbt” or how someone’s day at the beach went. However, everyone has that one person that posts too many pictures that you frankly don’t care about seeing. One might ask “what defines too many posts?” Well, the answer is simple: say you’re doing your daily Instagram check and you’re scrolling through your feed and notice that everyday you see at least one picture from a particular person. Posting very frequently on social media, especially Instagram, can aggravate many users. Let’s see what student’s and Gables think about people who post too much on Instagram.

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Posting on Instagram isn’t that big of a deal to me but when people post a bit too much it does get a bit boring to check your feed, also when its more than one picture a day from the same person it is annoying.

— senior Ivan Grela

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There are few things that bother me in this world but when I try to check Instagram and my feed is filled with “TBH’s” or “NGL’s” it can become quite stressful as most of the time I don’t even know the person who is posting all of these photos. Another thing is when the same person continuously posts the same picture on Instagram over the span of many months, especially when they’re selfies!,

— sophomore Daniel Krulig

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I don’t check Instagram that much so if there are a lot of pictures from one person I wont really notice, but it is nice to see other people posting instead of the same things,

— senior Joshua Zambrano