Uniform Sales!

The PTSA will be selling school uniforms and PE uniforms in the auditorium foyer during the month of August.

Sale dates are:

Thursday August 8th, 11am-1pm
Saturday August 10th, 11am-1pm
Tuesday August 13th, 11am-2pm
Wednesday August 14th, 4pm-6pm
Friday August 16th, 6pm-8pm
Saturday August 17th, 1pm-3pm

and on the first 3 days of school:

Monday August 19th, 6:45am-12:30pm
Tuesday August 20th, 6:45am-12:30pm
Wednesday August 21st, 6:45am-12:30pm

PE Uniforms (specifically/only) will be sold on:

Thursday August 22nd, 8:15am-1pm
Friday August 23rd, 8:15am-1pm
Monday August 26th, 8:15am-1pm
Tuesday August 27th, 8:15am-1pm

The PTSA is currently working on accepting credit cards but until then, the PTSA can only accept CASH payments.


The prices are as followed:

Uniform Polo shirts: $16
“Spirit shirts” (worn on Fridays) $12 to $16
Sweatshirts: $22 to $30
PE Uniforms – shorts / t-shirt: $10 each