Natalia Pallas: Writing Her Future


Natalia Pallas

Natalia Pallas celebrates her acceptance into UPenn by wearing the university’s merchandise.

Jasmine Rizo, Staff Writer

A senior in the International Baccalaureate program, Natalia Pallas has committed to the University of Pennsylvania after being approved as an Early Decision applicant on Dec. 16 — a decision made based on her growing love for journalism.

Pallas began her high school writing career by joining Highlights newsmagazine in freshman year, ultimately culminating into a lifetime passion for the now Editor-in-Chief. Throughout her journey as a writer, Pallas was given the opportunity to share her concern for global and local issues. After learning that she could use writing as a form of expression to bring light to what she was passionate about, the spark that carried her into UPenn was ignited.

On her search for the right university, Pallas was drawn to UPenn because she knew it would propel her into a career path centered around reporting.

At UPenn, I would be able to see people of many different walks of life. I think that’s important just to interact with other people from certain socioeconomic statuses, races and ethnicities and understand their cultures, being Hispanic myself,

— senior Natalia Pallas

Majoring in English with a minor in journalistic writing, Pallas’ main goal is to be a part of The Daily Pennsylvanian, one of the most prestigious university newspapers. This student-run publication was of extreme interest to her because as a writer at Coral Gables Senior High, Pallas wants to transfer her skills into the next chapter of her life.

During the application process, Pallas searched for a school that maintained a level of academic rigor. After finding out about UPenn’s creative writing program, which would allow her to expand her knowledge on forms of writing such as news, poetry, playwriting and creative nonfiction, Pallas knew the university had what she wanted. The more than sixty genres offered by the program will allow her to enter into an experimental stage of possible newfound interest.

Living in a city predominantly populated by Hispanics, Pallas wanted a place that would feel like home over the next four years. Hispanic herself, the senior appreciates the community UPenn fosters where she can be in both a comfortable setting and also have the freedom to meet people of other backgrounds.

The day the early decisions were released, Pallas filled her schedule to keep her mind distracted until 7 p.m. Once the day cleared, she decided to open her admission letter beside her two friends. After learning she was accepted, her family joined in on the celebration.

“We were so elated it was insane and the whole time leading up to it there was so much tension. When we opened it we saw the confetti and we were just jumping up and down. It sounded like someone was swinging a bag of cats because we couldn’t stop screaming,” senior Alana Gonzalez said.

Having her future laid out in front of her, life beyond high school will become what she makes of it. As Pallas transitions from Cavalier to Quaker, a new chapter of her life will begin with her as the author.