The Work Is Worth It: 91 Awards Given To Gables’ Hardest Working Students

The students at Coral Gables Senior High are notorious for their grand achievements, both academically and in extra curricular activities. Out of the many students in CGHS, a particular group of students are recognized for their contribution and dedication to our school. These students were invited to attend the annual award ceremony on April 24 to award them for all their hard efforts and great work.

At 6:30 p.m, the recipients and their parents began to fill the empty seats of the auditorium. The ceremony began with the Presentation of Colors by the JROTC and the Pledge of Allegiance by Student Council President, Brooke Nelson.  “I love that it recognizes students who have truly tried their hardest all year. It feels rewarding that other teachers recognize how much students do and that they also feel its necessary to have those students rewarded,” Nelson said about the award ceremony.

The recipients underwent a process to be chosen.A process that began in January when teachers nominated students whom they believe should be recognized. Students who were nominated by two or more teachers were moved into the next step, which was to fill out an application. Applicants were then selected by a committee of teachers and put into the various award categories. The applicants who were going to receive an award then received an invitation to the ceremony.

“Some awards have certain requirements like community service, GPA, or athletics. As a committee we take into consideration how many votes each student received from the teachers and as a whole we decide who gets what,”  Mrs.Zuniga said.

Seniors Alexandra Stack and Lorenzo Babboni were the Masters of Ceremony for the night. They introduced each presenter according to award. For instance, the Principal’s award was presented by Mr.Costa while the other administrators presented the awards of the grade level they were in charge of. The Book Awards were presented by alumni or representatives from the school who was rewarding the student and the department heads chose who would present the department awards.

The first awards to be distributed were the Freshman Awards followed by the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Awards. The Department and Athletic Awards were the last to be presented.

“It was exciting to know that I was being recognized by Gables with an award, but it was incredible to know that my award was one from the City of Coral Gables. I was very honored by the award itself, and although I never seek for a reward when I do anything for my school or community, this was, to me, my payoff for my years of hard work,” senior Jake Mekin, whom was awarded both the City of Coral Gables Award and the Ralph Moore Scholarship from the Coral Gables Community Foundation, said.

During the ceremony, senior Alexandra Lopez, President of the Awards Committee, was back stage making sure everything was running smoothly. “It was stressful because I wanted to make sure that every student that was nominated and chosen for an award got recognized. There were so many awards to give out that I could have easily left one out by mistake if I wasn’t careful so it was a really tedious job, but it was rewarding to see it all put together on Wednesday night and see everyone enjoying getting their awards,”  Lopez said.

Approximately two hours passed by of giving recipients their awards. And as all good things, the ceremony eventually came to an end. Both proud parents and recipients were treated to Misha’s Cupcakes. Ceremonies like these is part of what demonstrates to students that all their hard work is worth it. It serves as motivation for the many years to come.