Leave your house in a blaze of glory this season with a new outfit choice that goes perfectly with your fire zodiac sign! (Natalia Rodriguez)
Leave your house in a blaze of glory this season with a new outfit choice that goes perfectly with your fire zodiac sign!

Natalia Rodriguez

Flaming Fits for Fire Signs

Aug 29, 2018

Finding just the right outfit to wear can be stressful; sometimes it feels as if you’ve been wearing the same outfit every day for about three years, and you can’t seem to break the cycle. Luckily for you, the answer on how to upgrade your wardrobe may be written in the stars! This edition of fashion tips will cover exactly what should be worn by the fire signs (Aires, Leo and Sagittarius) this year.

Aires (March 21 – April 19) – Pyroman Fire Proof Suit

Those who are Aires, the sign symbolized by the ram, are often characterized as passionate, energetic and bold leaders; therefore, what better way to assert your dominance in the room than by wearing an authentic Pyroman Fire Proof Suit? This suit is specially designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1100º C – very hot just like your fire sign! Its sleek, lightweight design allows for easy fashionable wear on those hot summer days, and the extreme heat resistance allows one to comfortably get torched by a flamethrower, if you’re into that sort of thing. The one-of-a-kind fire suit also comes in a deep blue that will complement anyone’s features!


Leo (July 22 – Aug. 22) – Guy Fieri Flame Shirt

Although Leos are bright, confident, spontaneous and spunky, they are mostly known for loving rich, bold colors and patterns. Because of their daring side, it is only right for Leos to draw inspiration from one of fashion’s biggest icons: Guy Fieri, who is known for rocking frosted spiky hair, at least two big rings on every finger, backwards shades and his iconic flame shirt. If you want to make a statement while exploring new fashion styles, then you should definitely follow in Fieri’s footsteps! While it is difficult to promise that you would look as elegant or impressive as Fieri, you will definitely look good and feel confident in your new outfit no matter what!

You can easily spice your wardrobe up by owning your version of Guy Fieri’s flaming shirt.

“Even though I am not a Leo, I can see why Leos should wear this. It just makes sense to me. Why would you not want to look like Guy Fieri? The man has impeccable fashion taste,” alumna Catherine Healy said.

Sagittarius: the Archers of the signs and lovers of freedom and adventure. This is a sign that values an outfit that is not only comfortable, but also versatile so it can fit in with a Sagittarius’s day-to-day activities. Not sure on which new outfit to buy that fits the needs of your Sagittarius-self? Then, look no further because the traditional fire suit is the way to go! Traditional and classy, the fire suit is perfect for any situation due to the fire resistant fabric it is made from; if you’re looking for great quality, then go with a brand Nomex who ensures that their fire suits are up to par with their customers’ expectations. The Kevlar-based fibers fit every body type and aren’t heavy or starchy, meaning you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable in your flaming new suit! Sagittarius are also sure to appreciate the variety of color choice that these hot yet classy fire suits come in; brown, black and navy blue pair with everything, so there is no need to worry about choosing the right shoes. As a finishing touch, style your fire suit with a super cute fire helmet to protect your lovely self from harmful UV rays.

With this Nomex fire suit, you would definitely be the talk of the town!

“As a Sagittarius, I approve this message. Every true Sagittarius would wear a fire suit at least once a week during our prime season,” senior Angie Lopez said.

Fashion is completely subjective, but these outfit choices cater to a broad audience and are guaranteed to draw some attention; you will most surely receive compliments from friends and strangers alike. There is no better time than now to add some spark to your wardrobe.


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