Live. Love. Pumpkin spice. (Natalia Rodriguez)
Live. Love. Pumpkin spice.

Natalia Rodriguez

Pumpkin Spice Makes Everything Nice

Nov 12, 2018

America has long been known for its rich cultural history built upon years and years of tradition and values. While several traditions are considered to be unique to the American people, the true heart and soul of America’s cultural heritage occurs in the fall: the Thanksgiving holiday, but more importantly, pumpkin spice. For decades, “pumpkin spice” has captured the hearts and minds of the American people, with an almost cult-like following for this signature fall essence. The fascination with “pumpkin spice” has transcended across all areas of life, adding the fall festivity the American society so desperately craves.

Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows

Marshmallows are essential to Thanksgiving, seeing as they are used to top the ever beloved Thanksgiving staple, sweet potato casserole. The marshmallow topping is incontestably the best part of the entire Thanksgiving feast, so why not elevate it to the next level by making it pumpkin spice flavored? Fortunately, our wishes were answered with the creation of pumpkin spice flavored marshmallows.

“Marshmallows are by far my favorite type of candy, and the availability of pumpkin spice flavored ones makes me overjoyed. I can finally enjoy marshmallows and be reminded of the holiday season,” senior Isabella D’Ottone said.


Natalia Rodriguez
Pumpkin spice marshmallows are a delicious part of the fall season


Pumpkin Spice Citronella Candle

Unfortunately, there are some parts of the country where fall is rather “untraditional” such as our own home, Miami. Here in Miami, we do not get to enjoy seeing the leaves change from bright greens to warmer shades of yellows and red. There are no autumnal breezes sweeping across the city reminding us all of the upcoming holiday festivities. The temperature remains at a temperate 85º, with lows dropping to a chilly 75º. Instead, Miami has mosquitoes. While most of us have grown accustomed to the constant presence of mosquitoes, there is a point where they do become bothersome. Thankfully, we now have pumpkin spice citronella candles to ward off mosquitoes during those warm fall evenings. The air fills with the sweet, yet deadly, scent of pumpkin spice as the candle slowly burns bringing hundreds of mosquitoes to their pumpkin spiced demise.

Natalia Rodriguez
Keep mosquitoes at bay the Thanksgiving way.

Pumpkin Spice Bleach

With all the cooking that ensues because of Thanksgiving, it is important to ensure that everything is up to the rigid standards of cleanliness that are enforced when family members come to visit. Bleach is usually the obvious choice, but its strong and chemical odor often makes it unappealing, especially when one is trying to create heartwarming moments of holiday cheer. With pumpkin spice bleach, families everywhere no longer have to worry about choosing between hygiene and holiday spirit. The new cleaner was designed specifically for the fall season using natural pumpkin to give the bleach an authentic pumpkin spice scent, and enough sodium hypochlorite to effectively lyse away the diseases your family members carried off the plane. Never have we ever felt more thankful to cover ourselves up with sheets that are crisp, white and pumpkin spice.

Natalia Rodriguez
Wrap yourself in perfectly white sheets that smell like a pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin Spice Gasoline

The truest testament to Americans’ love for pumpkin spice is pumpkin spice gasoline. In order to make this unabashedly American commodity, freshly drilled oil from the Gulf of Mexico is infused with pumpkin spice. The blend is then sold in gas stations everywhere, hints of cinnamon and spice filling the air with each whiff of exhaust. Pumpkin spice gasoline might be the most beloved pumpkin spice product, and if prices were to increase, most Americans agree it is worth going to war over.

Natalia Rodriguez
Your carbon footprint has never smelled so good.

“I don’t have my own car, but when I go fill my mom’s car with gas, I make sure to fill it with pumpkin spice gasoline. It makes the smog a little more festive,” junior Isabel Jaen said.

The love and adoration Americans have for pumpkin spice have made the essence a central and invaluable part of American traditions and heritage. In the future we can only hope that even more pumpkin spice items come into circulation, transforming the tradition into a lifestyle.

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