There are frequent protests over the topic of abortion which forces some protesters to get creative with their signs.

Pro-Life or Pro-Choice

The topic of abortion has gained increasing awareness over the past few years. It is very important that women have the right to choose what is happening to their bodies; including the right to choose whether or not they would like to have an abortion. The pro-choice movement spreads awareness about the benefits of getting an abortion and works together with legislature in order to remove laws that make having one impossible.

Promoting safe and effective contraceptive use is a major interest for pro-choice supporters which would reduce the amount of abortions. Surprisingly, some pro-life supporters agree with the use of contraception yet more radical members preach abstinence. Abstinence fails in comparison to other forms of contraception since it leads to greater chance of pregnancy and does not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

The organization Planned Parenthood can be a great tool as it educated the public on how to properly use contraceptives allowing people to be more prepared and make safer choices. It also offers options, such as abortion, if these contraceptive methods fail; giving women in tough situations a way to prevent their entire life from being altered due to one mistake.

One thing that remains unanswered in the discussion between pro-choice and pro-life is determining the moment a fetus is legally considered a human life as opposed to a mass of cells. Some believe a human life and soul are created at the point of conception and others that it is at the third trimester of pregnancy; others once the baby is born! This determination oftentimes results in spiritual debates and ultimately depends on personal beliefs.

“I am pro-choice because I believe that it should be a woman’s right to decide whether she wants to have a kid or not, but I do believe that with that power the woman should be fully aware of the choice she is making,” senior Iomara Morejon said.

Those who are pro-life believe life is sacred and that a fetus at any point in pregnancy is a human life and must be conserved. Therefore, abortion is considered murder. The pro-life supporters firmly believe that abortions should be illegal and fail to realize that sometimes it is the best option for the mother’s safety or if she did not consent to becoming pregnant in instances of rape.

The main goals of these groups is to change the legislation regarding abortion which of course is a slow and ineffective process for those who are unsure whether they or not are ready to have a baby and are in need of more options. More focus should be given to the promotion and instruction of the proper use of contraceptives to as many people as possible which would in turn reduce the annual number of abortions each year; a goal for both parties.

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