Zika Virus: An Imminent Danger

February 2, 2016

With now four million cases worldwide, the Zika virus is growing at an alarming rate. Tropical cities such as Miami are at a high threat level since warm temperatures are ideal for the growth of mosquitos that spread the virus.

Zika is highly dangerous due to the fact that there is no vaccine to date to cure it yet. The virus is transmitted via mosquitos that can be found all over the world but thrive particularly well in warm weather climate. Symptoms include headache, rashes, fever and joint pain. The most common way to treat symptoms is with acetaminophen and other drugs to prevent inflammation.

“Now being aware of the travesty of the present Zika virus invading the land in which I live, I believe immediate action should be taken to eliminate or suppress this virus,” sophomore Nicholas Jacks said.

The virus is now present in 24 countries and presents an especially high risk for pregnant women. Most people that have the virus do not realize they have it at first. The virus has the capability to cross the placenta and infect babies in the womb. If a mother carries the virus, a baby may be born with microcephaly, a condition that is characterized by an underdeveloped brain. The risk for the condition is so high, women are currently being advised to take special precautions in order to prevent mosquito bites.

“Although the Zika virus isn’t one of the more known diseases, it’s still possible that it can begin to affect people in the United States. Especially here in tropical South Florida, we should probably be more careful than colder climates,” senior Albert Garcia said.

Although no cases have been reported in the United States, it is imperative to still remain cautious when it comes to mosquito bites and learn more about the virus.


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