Lucy Hale starred in Truth or Dare which came out on April 13.

The Truth Behind “Truth or Dare”

*May contain spoilers* Truth or Dare is not as thrilling as it seems.

Hollywood failed its attempt to show the horrific effect on Truth or Dare on teenage life in the new film “Truth or Dare”, released on April 13. Jason Blum, a respected producer in Hollywood, was inspired by the game. Blum’s company Blumhouse opened last year after he produced the Academy Award-winning horror film “Get Out”, and unfortunately, they started off in the wrong direction. Although I am not one to normally attend a horror movie, the few that I have seen have frightened me. “Truth or Dare”  not only lacked the characteristics that make up a scary movie but on top of that, the plot was full of cheap thrills.

Although the film is labeled as a horror film, it is more comedic than anything. The plot centers around a group of college students who choose to take their last Spring Break trip to Mexico before graduation. While there, their tour guide invites them to hang out in an abandoned church and play a game of Truth or Dare. The group begins playing the game when the guide is asked why he chose to spend time with Olivia, the protagonist. He admits that he used her as a pawn to lure the group out to be cursed by the game. Olivia learns that she now has to play the game, and it will follow them wherever they go,

Olivia assumes that it was an ill carried out joke, choosing to ignore what the tour guide says. However, when she returns to college, she realizes that her group of friends has been cursed with the game. They choose to ignore her at first, but after members of the group begin to pass away, they realize that the game is real. At first, they try to avoid the rules of the game and not play. Olivia’s group of friends then realize most of the dares are deathly after their friends begin dying.

The movie has been filmed well overall. It is obvious that the cinematic aspect of it had been reviewed well and Blum’s team are professionals in the world of filmmaking. Unfortunately, it is not written well. The characters are not well developed. The funniest character, Tyson Curran, a pre-med student who sells prescription pills to students, passes away sooner than the others. On top of that, Brad Chang, the most lovable character in the film, also passes away. After coming out to his father, who is a homophobic police officer, he is dared to make his father beg on the ground for his life. While doing so, another police officer kills him. By killing the best two characters, the writers essentially made the second half of the film grueling to finish. This does not reflect on the actors’ skills, however. I admire the actors’ determination to make the best out of their roles and attempting to make it as interesting as possible.

Due to a lack of character substance, apprehension and overall quality of the movie “Truth or Dare”, I do not recommend anyone to waste their money or time watching this. Hopefully, Blum will be able to release a better project in the future.

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