Both Texas and Florida have the highest death rates due to DUI.

DUI: Not Worth the Ride

Almost every one has been faced the temptation to drink alcohol while out partying. This can lead to poor decision making, like drinking and driving. Most people fail to acknowledge the consequences of driving under the influence (DUI) and end up ruining their lives and the lives of others over their actions. Being convicted with a DUI may get you fired from your job, prevent you from being hired, stop you from receiving a college degree and even increase your auto-insurance bill. It is never acceptable to drink and drive because it puts yours and other peoples’ lives at risk.

Alcohol has detrimental effects on the brain; it impairs vision, slows down reflexes, and decreases concentration. Due to these effects on the brain, driving while drunk significantly increases the chances of getting into a car accident. In fact, drunk driving is one of the leading causes of death amongst teenagers. An action this destructive could change someone’s life physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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Drinking and driving is NEVER worth the long term consequences! One mistake can cause irreversible damage that will burden you for the rest of your life – if you are lucky enough to survive!”

— Mrs. Armenteros

A DUI conviction can make it difficult for a person to get into college; people with a DUI on their record will no be able to work as drivers, teachers, doctors, attorneys or police officers. Colleges look at your criminal records just like employers and a DUI conviction may discourage them from accepting you; a DUI conviction can also null your eligibility to receive some scholarships.

“In my opinion, if you happen to find yourself under the influence, under no circumstances should you find yourself behind the wheel,” freshman Andres Velasco.

However, there are people who think it’s okay to drive so long as they drink in moderation; but even a little bit of alcohol in a person’s system is enough to increase the risk of getting into a car accident. The inconvenience of having to pay expensive taxi fares or having to retrieve their vehicle the next day is better than putting your, or the lives of others in danger.

The long lasting consequences of drinking and driving will never be worth the ride home due to the risks of the action. It is advised to make proper transportation arrangements when planning on going out to a bar or party. Having a designated driver is the best option: this individual can drive their friends home and ensure their safety. It is important to stay safe and be responsible because one dumb action can ruin your life forever.

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