Natalia Pallas / highlights contributor

Caffeine cravings

A cafe on Calle Ocho blends modern trends into their traditional coffee.

Cruising Calle Ocho may cause one to miss the small coffee shop that packs a big punch. Situated on a large, colorful lot with ample outdoor seating, Old Station Cafe captures the aroma of coffees from Latin America.

Natalia Pallas / highlights contributor
The cookie shot and s’mores waffle shot are two favorites at Old Station Cafe.

       Walking into Old Station Cafe, one immediately senses a blend of exotic smells coming from a variety of coffees. Costing only $3.99, “café bon bon” is a Spanish style drink that mixes dulce de leche, condensed milk and espresso. The equally delicious cortadito is an espresso shot blended with steamed milk is at the price of $2.99. The Nutella late is another favorite because of the luscious and creamy consistency, hot or cold.

As one finishes examining the menu their eyes feast on the glass container displaying waffle shots, which are crunchy wafers shaped into a cup for the coffee.

Some waffle shots have a thin layer of chocolate inside which melts when the delectable coffee is poured. Old Station Cafe also offers a s’mores waffle shot with a graham cracker-dusted rim and soft, heavenly marshmallow fluff resting at the bottom. Their cookie shot, a chocolate chip cookie shaped into a shot glass is another crowd favorite. Its crisp texture and silky chocolate morsels make it a delightful treat for customers.

For those who do not like coffee, this cafe offers flavorful smoothies as well as mouth-watering desserts for those who want a bite with their beverage.

They also serve everything from triple chocolate muffins to promiscuous brownies. On a savory note, they have empanadas ranging from ham and cheese to chicken and sausage, for $2.99.

Natalia Pallas / highlights contributor
With a smoothie stand outside of the store, Old Station Cafe caters to everyone, even those who don’t like caffeinated beverages.

“The murals made by painter Rigo Leon attract the attention of many customers because it is similar to the Wynwood artwork,” employee Ramon Busqueda said.

Another highlight is the outdoor seating. The bright and colorful walls bring a creative and funky vibe that make the customers experience more exciting.

“I enjoy the atmosphere this cafe creates. Whether it be the Cuban music or the desserts it is a great place to hang out with friends.” freshman Andrea Delgado said.

The Old Station café not only captures Latin America in every aspect, but it also showcases a modern take on coffees and desserts. This coffee shop takes everything to the next level, making it a popular site with a Miami flare.

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