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These finalists showed outstanding growth throughout their high school years.

Gables’ 2020-2021 Posse Finalists

November 1, 2020

Every year, seniors from around the country apply for the highly regarded Posse Scholarship. This scholarship is meant specifically for diverse students across the country to pursue their academic goals in top notch universities such as Cornell, Dartmouth, Boston University and many others. These well rounded students are given the opportunity to reflect their community in the work force and become strong leaders who are trained to solve complex social issues in the modern world. CavsConnect is proud to introduce Gables’ six Posse scholarship finalists for this 2020-2021 school year.

The First Three 2020-2021 Posse Scholarship Finalists


Lisbeth Arrieta is ready for a change in scenery and is excited to experience that once she graduates. (Lisbeth Arrieta)


Lisbeth Arrieta
Lisbeth Arrieta was recommended to apply for the Posse Scholarship by one of her friends who is a Posse alumni. She was drawn into applying after she heard about the mentoring resources and exciting opportunities the organization offers to its students. One of her favorite aspects of the organization is the fact that students are allowed to be themselves without feeling judged.

As her college of first choice, Arrieta chose Davidson College, located in North Carolina. She fell in love with Davidson when she first visited it during her junior year college tour; the small environment felt drastically different than the typical Miami city life she is accustomed to. In the future, Arietta will pursue a career in pharmacology due to her interest in substance abuse, medication and addiction. If she were to win the scholarship, she would be excited to have a mentor working with her for her entire college experience.

Arrieta expresses that she has been both nervous and excited during the entire application process and winning this scholarship would mean everything to her. All of her years of hard work and dedication would finally pay off. Being put up against twenty other kids who also wish to attend Davidson, Arrieta is not too certain of what the outcome may be but is prepared to give the final interview her all.

Sofia Rebull feels that she is able to do research that is effective and has an impact on the world at Pomona College. (Sofia Rebull)

Sofia Rebull
Sofia Rebull was first intrigued by the Posse Scholarship when she researched it and found out about all of its benefits. She was intrigued by the aspect of going with a group of nine other students to somewhere far away, it was comforting to know that they will all be there for each other.

“ I really love how Posse genuinely cares for its students and wants to get to know them better as a person through interviews instead of essays which do not always convey your personality accurately,” senior Sofia Rebull said.

Rebull is passionate about Pomona College, hence she chose it as her first option. Being located in California, Pomona has a very different environment which she is thrilled to hopefully experience. Not only is it close to Los Angeles, but the college is only filled with undergraduate students, which is ideal for Rebull.

Winning the Posse Scholarship would be a confirmation of all the hard work she has done and the sacrifices she has made to maintain her perfect academic grades. As for her career goals, Rebull plans on pursuing a pre medical track to become a doctor. She would like to one day be able to open her own practice which is why she plans on studying both biology and business. This big opportunity has definitely heightened her nerves, but she is also fairly confident with her performance during this application process.

Arianna Peña formed a magazine in March with her friend titled “Quaranzine”. (Arianna Peña)

Arianna Peña

Arianna Peña was introduced to the Posse organization during her junior year; the more she learned about it, the more she felt the scholarship was for her. Similarly to Sofia Rebull, she loves how Posse focuses on leadership qualities instead of simply the academic aspect of a student. In her free time, Peña is involved in Troupe, Improv, Gables Players and one of our dance teams, Bhangra. She is also an editor for Highlights and is a part of clubs such as Political Activism and Civic Engagement, National Honors Society and Gables Earth. Being very involved in school has allowed her to diversify her interests.

Her school of first choice is Mount Holyoke College located in Massachusetts. Peña hopes to study areas such as History, Gender Studies, Public Policy and Human Rights. She is beyond eager to have an opportunity to study out of state and at her dream school, something like this only happens in ones’ dreams.

“I just love how Mount Holyoke has all these fun traditions that you do not get at other schools, it is something that is really unique to the Seven Sisters colleges,” Senior Arianna Peña said.

Peña is ecstatic to be at the last leg of this process. She hopes for the best and is prepared to give the final round of the Posse process everything she has got.

Though these are only half of Gables’ Posse scholarship finalists, we are proud to honor their great accomplishments. Their diligent work has paid off and we wish them the best in their final round of this scholarship process.

The Final Three 2020-2021 Posse Scholarship Finalists


Correa has always wanted to attend a school with facilities that will cultivate her talents and interests. (Samantha Correa)

Samantha Correa
During her junior year, Samantha Correa attended a Posse informational meeting delivered by a Gables alumni and was immediately hooked by the program. Hearing about all the wonderful opportunities Posse gives to students inspired Correa to give it a shot and apply, especially since she would not be able to fulfill her college dreams without some form of aid.

Correa’s college of first choice was Hamilton, but is a Posse finalist for her second, Franklin and Marshall College. Franklin and Marshall has everything Correa needs in order to achieve her goals in the media industry. They offer a variety of niche courses in Humanities to take as electives as well as a spot called the “Writer’s House” where writers and fans of literature can meet up and discuss everything there is to know about writing. Being located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the college also provides a new and contrasting atmosphere compared to Florida.

Winning the scholarship would be an absolute game changer for Correa, as she would have access to all the resources and education she needs in order to pursue her life-long goal of creating a startup media company in which she is able to publish her own stories and articles. Though she is grateful for the opportunities she has here in Miami, she would be more than joyous to be able to explore different parts of the country.

“Posse is a foundation that prides itself on instilling a sense of unity and camaraderie within scholars. I would love to be part of a group of diverse people from Miami that are full of potential, initiative, and curiosity,” senior Samantha Correa said.

Kellogg has been playing the cello for more than ten years. (Peter Kellogg)

Peter Kellogg
Peter Kellogg was interested in Posse’s scholarship program due to its well recognized assortments of universities/colleges they are partnered up with and the unique opportunity of being teamed up with other students to aid in each other’s success. He finds it appealing that, if chosen, he would not have to face challenges all on his own, but rather with people he knows will be by his side no matter what.

Kellogg chose Davidson College as his first option simply because it has everything he wants in a school. The size is not too large nor too small, they offer opportunities he is interested in both on and off campus and has heard nothing but positive comments about teachers and staff members. Although he is currency undecided on what he wants to study, he knows economics is something he is definitely interested in. Kellogg is known around campus for his passion for soccer, but he has many other talents such as being able to play the cello, fish and surf in his free time. He also proudly holds the title of senior student council secretary.

Throughout the application and interviewing process Kellogg shares that he has been tense, yet thrilled to find out if he has successfully finished the job. Winning the scholarship would mean the most to Kellogg, as he would be able to attend his dream school on a full ride alongside students just like him.

Pablo has been dreaming to go out state for college since she was in middle school. (Alina Pablo)

Alina Pablo
Alina Pablo was sitting in class when she first heard about Posse’s scholarship program, she decided to apply because she found it compelling that the organization chooses its scholars based on leadership skills rather than academics. They also offer a variety of prestigious schools that she may not have such a good chance of getting into otherwise.

“Posse sees potential in students who may not always get the highest grades but are hardworking people who inspire others to do better. I feel like a lot of the time, students are judged by their GPA or SAT score instead of the kind of people they are,” senior Alina Pablo said.

Her dream school is Mount Holyoke College, an all women’s institution located in Massachusetts. Wanting to pursue a career in the STEM field, Pablo finds the all-girls aspect to be a positive one since she feels as if some males tend to look down on women in STEM. She is especially passionate about pediatric surgery, but was hesitant to choose this path since it also happened to be her moms profession back in Cuba.

Everyone around Pablo has been nothing but supportive; she is very thankful that both of her parents let her make the decisions throughout this process. As for her friends, they are really excited for her and have helped by encouraging her in her nervous moments and creating a positive environment. Winning this scholarship would mean that the Posse team saw something special in Pablo and decided to give her a chance at making her dreams a reality. Posse would be investing in her future and in return, gaining a lifelong member of the foundation. As a low-income student, it would mean the world to her if she did not have to worry about tuition.

These are our final three Posse scholarship competitors. To learn more about all six finalists make sure to check out ‘Our 2020-2021 Posse Scholarship Finalists”. All of these Cavaliers’ diligent work over the past four years have paid off and we wish them the best in their final round of this scholarship process.

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