DIY: Halloween Costumes

Last-minute costumes can be found from the inside of your closet.

 It is the spookiest time of the year! Halloween is creeping around the corner and everyone is rushing to prepare. Still trying to figure out what to dress up as? No need to fear, highlights has simple and fast DIY costume ideas for those struggling to find the perfect outfit. 

Desperate to be a Tik Tok sensation? Then dressing up as one of the infamous Tik Tok stereotypes is perfect for you. You can easily transform into a VSCO girl or E-boy with clothing items  from your closet. For the VSCO girl look, just grab a big t-shirt of any color and some running shorts. Finally, add the accessories like scrunchies, a Kanken (or just any backpack) and a water bottle. You can even use a label maker to write “Hydro Flask” on the water bottle. This costume will be sure to sksksksk-scare people away. 

Next up is a costume that will change the rap game. Become Cardi B by replicating her look from the “Finesse” music video. You can get a color-block jacket from your local thrift store. Add a pair of jean shorts and a green cropped t-shirt and you are on your way to being the queen of rap. Wear any sneakers you want to complete the look. Do not forget big hoop earrings to stunt on the haters. 

Recreate your favorite “Toy Story” characters like Jessie and the aliens. For the alien costume, just use any plain blue shirt along with neon leggings from Aerie or Wal-Mart. Wear any sneakers you want to go with the costume. Buy an alien headband from Amazon or make your own with green fabric and googly eyes. Once you are done, this costume will definitely take you to infinity and beyond. 

In need of an energy boost? Dress up as an employee from your favorite coffee store — Starbucks. You can wear khaki pants with a plain white shirt or all black clothing. Get any black or green apron and print out the Starbucks logo to attach to the apron using a glue gun. Complete the look with a black hat and attach a Starbucks logo on it as well. 

For a simple yet patriotic costume, dress up as a soldier from the army. All you need is green and camouflage patterned clothing. Combat boots and a dark-colored had would also compliment this outfit. Throw on paint for a fierce touch and you’ll have served this country well.

Being a superhero or witch for Halloween, although traditional, can be modified and glamorized in non-traditional ways. Become any superhero with a shirt of their logo and jeans. You can even add a matching tutu for a more creative touch. For the witch costume just look through your closet for an all-black ensemble. Add a witch hat and even a broom to spice things up. People will be bewitched by your fun, easy costume.

Congrats you are now ready to haunt the streets or trick or treat. No matter what your plans are this upcoming Halloween, your costume is sure to thrill. Have a haunting Halloween! 


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