What Is the Deal With These Crowns?

Emma Garcia, Staff Writer

A new school year has just begun, bringing in a flood of Cavaliers sporting carefully decorated crowns throughout the first week of school. If you aren’t an upperclassman, then you might be wondering why so many students are wearing strangely decorated crowns.

These are called senior crowns, and they are worn by the twelfth graders of Coral Gables Senior High School, as well as seniors at countless high schools across the country. The crowns show that the students are now seniors getting ready to graduate. Not only that, but it also gives students a chance to show off their artistic skills and their interests. Each crown has a specific meaning for the student wearing it.

Many seniors arrived to school on the first day proudly displaying their unique crowns, excited to be in their last year of high school.

“I think my crown is unique because it consists of my hobby of art and painting and my deep love of science,” senior Bowen Murley said.

Bowen Murley (senior) wearing her unique science and art themed crown.

Throughout the first day, an assortment of crowns were seen. Seniors walked around with meme-inspired crowns and other unique interests significant to them, such as music or the solar system. Many gained inspiration from television shows, movies and even other people.

“A friend I met at an internship asked if I was going to make a crown and I had said no since I had no ideas. She ended up convincing me to make a Peppa Pig-themed crown, since a meme about her was trending at the time,” senior Van Galex said.

Senior crowns let students be creative and show who they are and what they like in their own personal way. One might even discover a few facts about a student just by their crown!

Despite not having a backdrop, balloons and a red carpet due to construction, seniors still managed to make light of the situation and enjoy the day with friends and teachers, all while wearing their creative senior crowns.

If you would like to see more senior crowns, be sure to click on the slideshow below:SENIORS SHOW OFF THEIR CUSTOM CROWNS