Cavaliers Find Themselves Back On Campus

Jefrany D'catry, Staff Writer

Back to school season has arrived and, for some, it is a bittersweet occurrence. For others though, they already find themselves around campus working hard to ensure their school year starts off strong.  Whether it is training for a fall sport, an early gathering of the publications or performance groups practicing routines all around campus, the enthusiasm to begin working on another great year is felt all around. Aside from the students, teachers are also spotted around campus attending meetings and preparing their classrooms for the first day of school.  

Sports like cross country and swimming began their training earlier than most as their seasons are right at the beginning of the school year. While our cross country team has been training hard since the start of July, the swim team has recently gathered at Ransom Everglades to begin their practice sessions. By having a head start, the incoming and returning players are able to work out any nerves and doubts they might have before the meet season starts. The players have a chance to work on their skills and techniques while getting to know the new members on the team, sharpening their teamwork.

Towards the end of the summer, Production Week also takes place. This is the time where the students of Highlights, CavsConnect, Yearbook (The Cavaleon), Catharsis and Television Production are trained for what to expect in the year and the newcomers are taught the ropes. “Attending the summer production week was helpful because it gave me a head start into the new school year and allowed me to organize myself for what the year will bring,” junior Giancarlos Carballea said. The Highlights staff takes the last two weeks of summer break to prepare their first issue. Meanwhile, The Cavaleon utilizes the time to learn about the software and planning that goes into the book. “During this time, we help the staff navigate through what our class consists of and how to take pictures,” senior Allison Chan said.

The performance groups such as the Gablettes and Band of Distinction are beginning to prepare themselves for their yearly performances. The Gablettes have been training since last Monday and are now currently working around the clock. Our Band of Distinction has been working hard the majority of the summer to have the correct posture and lung capacity to play their instruments at the needed level. This week they are holding their official Band Camp. Color Guard also practices alongside the Band of Distinction and trains for the football season, which happens to be right around the corner.

Considering how the classes are yet to be filled,  teachers are taking the opportunity to decorate and personalize their rooms. Walls are filled with puns, posters and photos, drawing inspiration from their subjects to be seen by students on the first day. The decorations are inviting and give a warm welcome to anyone who walks inside. Apart from their classrooms, they work on and modify their lesson plans to ensure the kids learn all that is required based on their curriculum. 

As summer is coming to a close, these students are now more confident, whether it be for a sport or a class, as they have already gotten a peek at the hallways of Coral Gables Senior High. Having the time to get to know each other before school starts have helped the groups create bonds between the incoming students and veterans to optimize their teamwork. All the time spent together aiming for the same goal has made each other realize they are not alone as the new school year fast approaches. Students and teachers alike are ready to embark on the new adventures this year has in store.