Algebra Nation App Helps Students Prepare for EOC



Algebra Nation is a free application from the University of Florida, designed to help students pass the EOC Exam in Algebra.

Below is the information from the Algebra Nation website. This valuable resource can really help you to pass the EOC Algebra exam.

Please take the time to review this information and download the app or use the site online.

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Dear Algebra Student,

Whether you are currently enrolled in Algebra or just looking for an extra review to help you in your higher math level classes, you’ve found the right resource! Algebra Nation is a completely FREE, online resource, available 24/7, meant to help students across Florida review all the skills needed to succeed on the Algebra End-of-Course exam.

ALGEBRA NATION: The Who, What, When, Where, Why (and How?)

– Who is involved? Who is this for?

The University of Florida, in partnership with Study Edge, an innovative education

technology company that has helped over 10,000 college students study, created this free Algebra End-of-Course (EOC) exam prep resource to help students across Florida pass the EOC.

– What is Algebra Nation?

Algebra Nation is an easy-to-use online resource, featuring energetic Study Experts and dynamic algebra teachers throughout Florida. These highly interactive videos are fun ways for you to review the material you learned in the classroom on your own time. Videos come with study guides so you can follow along with the videos easily. There is also a “Test Yourself!” section for each topic, so you can check if you understood the material. The “Test Yourself!” section will also help you get comfortable with computerbased testing.

Algebra Nation also features a wall that looks just like the Facebook wall you’re already used to. There, you can ask and answer questions anytime about the material. Study Experts and Florida teachers are online to help guide you to the correct answers. You can receive Karma Points for answering other students’ questions on the Algebra Wall, because we believe that by helping others you’ll help yourself! These Karma Points can earn you real prizes:

  • The student who earns the most Karma Points in the months of February, March, and April will each win an iPad!
  • The first 75 classes to earn 10,000 Karma Points will win a pizza party!

– When can I use Algebra Nation?

You can use Algebra Nation anytime that works best for you. When it’s hard to remember what happened in 8AM Algebra class after you’re done with your part time job, extracurricular activities, and other responsibilities – hop onto Algebra Nation and watch a few videos to jog your memory! When you have a question about how to solve an Algebra problem, use your smartphone and post it right to the wall! Not sure how to study for an upcoming test? Try out the “Test Yourself!” tool, and it’ll guide you to the videos and skills you should review.

– Where can I find Algebra Nation and its resources?

Algebra Nation is available from any computer, smartphone, or tablet with access to the Internet. It’s easy to find Algebra Nation! Go to – from there, you can go to the main resource by clicking “Enter Algebra Nation.” You can also download the iPhone/iPad and Android apps by searching for ‘Study Edge’ in either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

– Why is Algebra Nation offered? Why is it free?

In order for Florida students to receive algebra credit and graduate from high school, she/he must pass the Algebra End-of-Course test at the end of the semester. Last year, over 50% of high school students who took this computer-based exam failed it. That doesn’t sound right to us. The only way to change this is to offer this great resource completely FREE.

– How do I get started?

Go to and click on “Enter Algebra Nation.” If you’re already signed into Facebook, it’ll take you automatically to Algebra Nation through the Study Edge app. (If you already have a Facebook username and password, use it to sign in. If not, take a few minutes to sign up. You don’t need to post any pictures, post messages, or friend anyone!)

Go to to watch a quick video tour on how to access and use the app and email us at [email protected] if you have more questions.


The Algebra Nation team