As teachers long for a face to face interaction with students a vaccine gives them hope that there is an end in sight.

Teachers of All Ages Made Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccines

Gabriela McGrath Moreira, Staff Writer March 19, 2021

As the nation scrambles to administer COVID-19 vaccines, decisions have to be made about which Americans are vaccinated first. The teachers of Miami-Dade County are now being made eligible for vaccination...

The MMR vaccine is crucial to stopping the spread of measles and other dangerous pathogens.

The Misguided Fight Against Vaccines

Patrick Ales, Staff Writer February 18, 2019

There may have once been a legitimate debate as to whether the side effects of vaccines posed a risk greater than their benefit. Several correlational studies marginally supported the idea that some vaccines...

Getting vaccinated is an important step in stopping the spread of disease.

Parents Refuse to Vaccinate Their Children

Jake Paz, Staff Writer February 20, 2015

Many parents refuse to vaccinate their children due to claims of harmful side affects such as autism, which have never been scientifically proven. However, due to the resulting Anti-Vaccine movement,...

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