Which Cobra Kai Dojo Are You?

Which “Cobra Kai” Dojo Are You?

Stephanie Andrade, CavsTV Staff March 1, 2021

To anyone who’s watched Cobra Kai on Netflix, you’ve seen your loved character from the original The Karate Kid. From the rivalry between Daniel-son and Johnny to the love triangle between Sam, Robby,...

Many great cartoons were created in the 90s and early 2000s and show what newer cartoons should strive to become.

Cartoons: Old vs New

John Hiaasen, Staff Writer October 16, 2015

Everyone has had their favorite cartoon that they would wait eagerly every week for the next episode to be released; many of these shows were: Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, Ed, Edd & Eddy and more. Now,...

These are a few #throwback toys and games that are sure to spark some good memories.

#Throwback Toys and Games

Annie Farrell, Staff Writer March 18, 2014

Every generation has its favorite toys and games. The 1950s had the Slinky and Play-Doh. The 1980s had Cabbage Patch Kids and the Rubik’s Cube. Now let’s take a nostalgic journey and throw it back...

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