Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine

Adriana Castro, Staff Writer

February 8, 2019

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One of the first things anyone notices on a person is their skin. Despite the obvious beauty benefits that caring for your skin offers, it is also monumentally important for your health. The healthier your skin is, fewer microorganisms will be able to penetrate the skin. This results in fewer breakouts,...

7 Online Shops for Your Summer Style

7 Online Shops for Your Summer Style

Bhargavi Pochi, Editor

April 3, 2015

Filed under Lifestyle, Student Life

In just a few months, AP exams will be over and summer will finally roll around. But with summer vacation, comes unbearable heat and new fashion trends. Although there are many classic summer staples like a spaghetti strap floral dress or a pair of pink Chubbies, you can never go wrong with some unique clothing ...

Love the Skin You’re In

Love the Skin You’re In

Bhargavi Pochi, Staff Writer

August 31, 2014

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For centuries, people all over the world have been discriminated based on their skin tone. Colorism is still prevalent today. Even in a progressive country like America, prejudice against people with different shades of skin is constantly brushed under our noses. On social media sites like Twitter and...

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