PTSA Secretary Provides Relief for the Bahamas

PTSA Secretary Bill Beardslee stands with supplies and the rest of his crew in preparation for their journey.

Maia Berthier, Opinion and Copy Editor

September 16, 2019

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, individuals and organizations from the United States have stepped in to help out the Bahamian communities left devastated by the storm. The damage that the residents of the Bahamas are currently facing reminds Miami residents of the forces of hurricanes Katrina ...

Charities: A World of Corruption

Certain charities use more of the money donated to them for their own personal expenses than they do to help those in need.

Alexandra Torres, highlights contributor

June 5, 2018

Whether it be a natural disaster, a worldwide epidemic or a serious medical condition, there is always a myriad of charities waiting to assist, promising monetary aid, comfort and other forms of assistance to those affected. Certain charities though, such as the American Red Cross (ARC), Autism Speaks ...

Red Cross and Gables Give Back

Gables teachers at the Florida Keys volunteering to help bring resources to the reisdents of the islands.

Maria F. Estrada, Co-Editor-in-Chief

September 25, 2017

In light of the recent tragic events that have deeply impacted our local community, Gables teachers have decided to work with the American Red Cross in aiding the thousands of families in the Florida Keys. United with volunteers from all over the state, the American hopes to bring nonperishable ite...

Recap: March 31-April 5

Recap: March 30- April 5

Daniela Quijano, Editor

April 5, 2015

International Affairs Iran nuclear deal framework announced After diplomats negotiated in Switzerland, they came up with a plan for Iran. "Iran would reduce its stockpile of low-enriched uranium by 98% and significantly scale back its number of installed centrifuges. In exchange, the United States a...

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