Brett Kavanaugh took his oath of office on Oct. 8, 2018, and officially became a Supreme Court Justice of the United Sates.

Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation: The Final Decision of the Supreme Court

Melanie Estrada, Staff Witer October 11, 2018

After a long and tumultuous confirmation process, Congress voted Brett Kavanaugh onto the Supreme Court on Oct. 6. As President Donald Trump's pick, his conservative views will shift the ideology of the...

High-profile prosecuter, Preet Bharara, has been fired

President Trump Fires Holdover Prosecutors

Natalia Torres, Staff Writer March 13, 2017

On Saturday March 11., Preet Bharara the US attorney for the Southern District of New York, took to Twitter to announce that he was fired from his position by President Trump. This happened following...

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