First 2020 Presidential Debate Recap

First 2020 Presidential Debate Recap

Sam Sommer, CavsTV Staff

October 12, 2020

The first presidential debate happened last week on September 29th. This is a recap on the subjects of the debate and the answers received from both candidates. If you are of age, please vote! Exercise your right to have your voice heard. First Presidential Debate 2020 by Sam Sommer...

The Power of the Youth Vote

It is vital to our society that the newest group of voters stands up for what they believe in.

Lucia Chico, Staff Writer

September 28, 2020

As one of the most vital elections in the nation’s history draws near, advocacy for the youth vote has never been more widespread. Growing up in the age of information, Generation Z has had current events all around them from the television screen to their classrooms to, most recently, their social...

The 2020 Election: Biden Has the Youth Vote

It is highly likely that if the younger generations turn out for this election, they will decide the fate of the country.

Audrey Lezcano, Staff Writer

September 23, 2020

With the 2020 presidential election approaching, everyone 18 and older have begun to make their decision regarding who will win their vote based on which candidate will support and address their ideas and beliefs the best. Recently, youth voters have found new ways to express support for their preferred...

Kamala Harris: Ready to Lead as the VP Nominee

Kamala spoke at the Democratic National Convention to accept her nomination.

Lucia Chico, Staff Writer

September 5, 2020

For the third time in history, a female has been put on the ticket of a major political party in the United States for the vice presidency; for the first time in history, that woman is one of color. Kamala Harris is running besides Democrat prospect and former vice president Joe Biden for the 2020 election....

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