How Teachers Destress

Long nights of grading papers and having to deal with kids for seven hours isn’t an easy job to have; so how do teachers deal with all the stress? Some of the teachers here at Gables destress by doing yoga, riding bikes, running and relaxing.

Yoga: Ms. Virginia and Ms. Kiely

Yoga focuses on the connection between breath and movement. The yoga poses, are meant to keep your physical body focused. While focusing on your breath during these intricate poses, helps to keep your brain quiet. The point of yoga is to bring peace to your mind and body! Ms. Kiely is the ambassador of Green Monkey right here in Coral Gables. This means she is always promoting yoga and the studio to the people in the community, with the aim if raising awareness in yoga. Ms. Kiely uses yoga to de-stress by sweating out and by making her mindful of her day. Ms. Kiely loves sweating so it’s a plus for her. Yoga helps her re-center her priorities, as well as it helps her remember that she needs to not stress about situations that she can’t control!

“I love that, no matter how long you practice, it can always be a challenge! There is always room for growth and discovery in yoga. This keeps me feeling young!” Ms. Kiely said.

Ms. Virginia thinks the best way to de-stress is by doing yoga! Ms. Virginia loves teaching yoga so much because she it’s an effective way to release stress. Ms. Virginia was teaching a yoga class for a year before coming into Gables. She finds it necessary to “check in” with her breathing and body as often as she can. She usually does a short meditation before and after school to be in tune with her mind and body.

“What I love most about doing yoga is that it anchors me in the present moment. It gives me space and clarity. Through the physical challenge, I feel like I am gifted time, which so little escapes, because I am truly in the moment and when I’m in the moment, what I have to do is clear,” Mrs. Virginia said.

Biking/Running: Mr. de Armas

Biking around a park helps you relieve stress because you get a chance to connect with nature and the outdoors. The repetitive action of pedaling involved can help your brain release stress. While you are biking around you are also getting in shape while de-stressing. Running gives you time to be alone with your thoughts; this can help you think about what is stressing you out and how you can fix it. Studies have also shown that runners usually live a happier and less-stressful life! Mr. de Armas highly prefers biking over running. He got into it when he was 16 and was overwhelmed with how much he weighed. He decided that joining Miami Rowing Club crew team, and the CGHS cross country team was the right choice. He lost 25 pounds in 6 months! While riding his bike to work, he plans the way he would like his day to go. On his way back home, he decompresses his day and reflects on the things he needs to improve on.

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Any kind of workout is proven to release endorphins. Your nervous system releases them and it provides a feeling of euphoria. Working out each day, no matter what you did that day, makes you feel like you accomplished something. That’s a great feeling”

— Mr. de Armas

Taking time for herself: Ms. Stapleton

Mrs. Stapleton thinks that dealing with stress is about taking care of yourself. Her favorite de-stressor is to have a day of rest. She stays home and sleeps a lot. Her work schedule here at Gables involves long hours in the week, which often leads to her not eating dinner until late at night. On some weekends, she takes care of herself with extreme pampering; getting a pedicure and going to a movie is very relaxing for her. Floating in a pool and looking up at the sky for 20 minutes is another favorite de-stressor of hers. On a daily basis she meditates, which means she gets very quiet in a peaceful space, absence of sound and observes her breathing rhythm and fall asleep.

“I love my work because the creative process is high energy which suits me, but balancing that energy demand requires relaxation and rest,” Mrs. Stapleton said.

Teachers don’t have an easy job to deal with everyday. They are just as stressed out as the students are. Maybe both teachers and students can learn something from each other and find new ways to destress themselves!