Claudia Gandara, Staff Writer
Claudia Gandara is a senior in the Business Management and Information Technology Academy. Since her transfer a year ago to Coral Gables Sr. High School, she has been interested to get  involved in the school's activities. This is why she is excited to be part of the Cavsconnect Team, working as a staff writer for the Spanish section. Claudia is a hard-working, disciplined student, and her big dreams, however, have never deterred her from pursuing and accomplishing her goals. The new language and culture no longer present a problem for her; she has improved her English skills and adapted to the American educational system in a seamless manner. Claudia is also an active person who displays organization and focus. Most of her time is spent thinking on what she'll accomplish next. Claudia is very social, active, and very involved in sports such as swimming with the Gables team and tennis during her free time, a sport she will like to continue in college as well. Her love for sports drives her to better herself physically and push boundaries in hopes of one day becoming a great athlete. She knows that this school year will be one filled with new experiences that will enhance her academically, socially, and physically. She is excited since a new chapter of her life is just starting.

Claudia Gandara, Staff Writer

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