Waving Goodbye to Senior Wrestlers


Gaby Blanco

Senior Roberto Campos posed with his mother on Senior Wrestling Night.

Abigail Colodner, Staff Writer

With the season coming to an end, seniors on the Coral Gables Senior High wrestling team have begun to wave farewell to their teammates and the gym at their final home match. On Thursday, Jan. 27, Gables hosted their last home wrestling match of the 2021-2022 season and the senior Cavaliers on the team were given special acknowledgment on their Senior Night.

Senior Night began at 3 p.m., and students filled the stands as Hialeah Gardens and Dr. Krop High arrived in order to compete. Before the matches began, Cavalier seniors lined up with their parents in order to receive their own moments of recognition.

Coach Hardy announced their names as they walked up one by one with their family members in order to have their pictures taken. The wrestlers were met with hoots and hollers from their teammates as their names were called. They also received gift bags with a photo of themselves in uniform and team shirts.

“We’ve worked so hard every year, it was nice to get a special moment all to ourselves. Wrestling isn’t the most popular sport so I was excited when I saw the stands full of my friends and family who were there to support me. I hope the sport keeps expanding at Gables and they continue to get better every year, even after I graduate,” senior Camilo Gil said.

Gables faced Hialeah Gardens first, and both teams took the opportunity to show off their skills by warming up in the middle of the gym. The Cavaliers took turns doing forward rolls and sparring on the mat.

The Gladiators were a small group of six wrestlers and Gables managed to make quick work of them. With only one individual loss and five wins, the Cavaliers were in the lead.

Captain Kalvin Guzman has been on the team for four years and won his match that day. Although it feels longer for the wrestlers, his match lasted less than two minutes. When it began at the blow of a whistle, spectators chanted his nickname, the “Guzmanian Devil”.

“It’s always an adrenaline rush to get on the mat, you never really know how it’s going to turn out. But, I always feel the most accomplished from a win when I really put in the work,” senior Kalvin Guzman said.

Next up, the Cavaliers had to face Dr. Krop High School. The match ended with one win and two losses from Gables.

After the meet, seniors were given flowers and took pictures with friends and family in the crowd. The non-senior wrestlers performed just as well that day and the Cavaliers were able to celebrate many wins. Though this was the last home match, the wrestling team will continue on to districts and compete in the Greater Miami Athletic Conference competition.