Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones: The Long Awaited Matchup


Lenny Roque

The two legendary boxers (Mike Tyson and Roy Jones JR) would enter the ring to deliver an exhibition match past their retirement for a legendary fight between the two.

Lenny Roque, Staff Writer

On Saturday, Nov. 28, a long-anticipated match between two legends occurred. Both legends retired after a long career in boxing, but Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. would be entering the ring in an exhibition match. Mike Tyson entered the ring after his last fight in 2005 and Roy Jones Jr. entered the ring after his last fight in 2018. Both fighters retired soon after because of their old age and a loss of interest in the sport. This fight between these long-retired fighters had the added bonus of Snoop Dogg’s hilarious commentary that made the event even more memorable for the fans.

The two fighters had a legendary record before they retired. Both boxers had such a high win to loss ratio that allowed for the event to become so significant. Mike Tyson has a total of 58 fights, 50 wins, 44 of them being knockouts, and only 6 losses. This is why he is in the Hall of Fame for being one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time.

Roy Jones Jr., although not being in the Hall of Fame, is the only boxer in history that started his career in middleweight and then later won a title in heavyweight. His record includes a total of 75 fights with 66 wins, 47 of them being knockouts, and only 9 losses. These impressive records make the fight between these titans very exciting and one to look forward to.

“I think that it is great that they entered the ring again and were able to fight once more,” senior Jonmarcos Hernandez said.

The fight definitely demonstrates that the fighters are past their prime. Their movement and punches were not as impactful as they used to be. Their age was definitely shown in the fight. Even though they are not their former selves, they were able to deliver a phenomenal fight. The rules were modified to make sure that no fighter would receive any devastating injuries. The major rules include eight rounds that were two minutes each, wear 12-ounce gloves, headgear was not required and if any of the boxers suffer a bad cut then the battle is over. With several changes to ensure the safety of each fighter, it was still enjoyable to watch.

It was historical, exciting and memorable even though it was shorter than a usual match.”

— freshman Alessandro Moran

The exchanges between hooks and jabs demonstrated why they are well known and the reason they have such a successful record. Mike Tyson stepped into the ring after 15 years and was able to hold his own with Roy Jones Jr., who stepped back into the ring after only two years. In the end, after all the punches were exchanged, it resulted in a tie.

The post interview was also very entertaining because they were able to exchange humble words and humorous comments. Mike Tyson, wanting to continue entering the ring and a rematch with Roy Jones Jr. They complimented each other that demonstrates that they still have great sportsmanship and content to allow the event to occur. Mike Tyson would donate the winnings to charity and the event was one to remember because of how both were able to perform after a long period of time especially Mike Tyson.