Tiger Woods Emerges Victorious For His Fifth Masters Title


Michael Madrid

Golfing legend Tiger Woods receives his fifth green jacket after winning the 2019 Masters tournament.

As of just two weeks ago, a remarkable feat was accomplished in the world of golf, as world-renowned golf star Tiger Woods fought through one of the greatest comebacks not only in the history of the sport but frankly in the history of any sport,  in winning his fifth Masters tournament. This year, the 83rd annual Masters Tournament was held at the Augusta National Golf Club and took place over the course of several days, finally concluding on Apr. 14, with Tiger standing atop the throne of victory. Woods came away this year with a total haul of $2.07 million, up from last year’s $1.98 million, making it the highest total Masters winnings of all time.

“Getting to watch Tiger perform at such an elite level again was really exciting, and watching the comeback he made was definitely something you won’t see every day. It just helps in solidifying his spot as one of the best all time,” senior Max Rego said.

Throughout the week, Woods battled with his opponents for the top spots. Following the opening 70, Tiger was down by four strokes, then down one after the 68th, and then back down two after his 67th. From a spectator’s viewpoint, it was a back and forth tempo, then a creeping towards first place, and then slipping back down just a little. This proved to be very entertaining, as no one could predict what the outcome of the tournament would be, and there was no clear leader all the way through the last day, Sunday, when Woods took the lead and secured the victory.  In total, throughout the tournament, Woods tallied the second-highest number of birdies (22) and led the field in greens that were in regulation, racking up 58 of the possible 72.

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I think a lot of people forgot how good Tiger Woods was during his hiatus, and this win really cemented his skill in the minds of many young fans. ”

— senior Alex Anton

This win may not seem overly significant when looking at Woods’ career achievements, but the fact that he had not won a major in 11 years makes his fifth Masters win even more impressive. Woods was at the pinnacle of golf for the majority of his career, having won his first Masters in 1997 at the age of 21. His most dominant stretch came from 2000 to 2002, during which he won an unprecedented six Majors. He maintained his spot among the best golfers in the world until about 2013, when injuries hindered his performance, to the tune of a multiple-spot drop in the world rankings. His hip and back persisted for the next 4 years, often forcing him to withdraw from tournaments. Woods also faced scrutiny off the course, as he dealt with marriage issues and a DUI charge. This combination of factors forced Woods off the top of the sport he had dominated for so long, until he returned with a purpose in 2019.

At the age of 43, Woods became the second oldest Masters winner in history, behind golfing legend Jack Nicklaus. This win also brought Woods’ major record to 15, only three behind the very same Nicklaus. Woods seems to have regained his peak form after multiple back surgeries, and it is expected that he continues to compete at the top level for years to come.