Gables vs. Mater Academy: Boys Volleyball

Emily Simon, Staff Writer

Emily Simon

Already halfway through the season, the Gables’ varsity boys volleyball team has been training hard and preparing to take on tough competition. For this game they took on the Mater Academy Lions and took home a victory in 3 consecutive sets.  At the beginning of the first set, Gables trailed close behind the Lions, but ultimately came back to win the set. As the second set came along, Gables was up early and continued their lead to win that set as well. The third set had the largest difference in score with Gables dominating the Lions, ultimately leading to the Cavaliers’ victory.

Emily Simon
Gables makes a play.

“The team had a strong game and were able to swiftly defeat the Mater Academy Lions in just 3 sets. The game was great for all in the crowd because Gables was able to make points not typical of our team and it was clearly seen our players were connecting on the court and making plays that allowed us to win,” sophomore Nicole Verdesoto said.

Gables’ strong showing during the match was thanks to their strong rotation, ultimately allowing them to return the balls that came their way. Sophomore Patrick Ales played a strong game, allowing for his team to gain the upper-hand while junior Gabriel Montecchi had great approaches and helped the team hit their way to victory.

“The game ultimately resulted in a quick victory, which allowed us to practice certain skills we would not have normally attempted during a game because we had more room to take chances. The game went our way and we were able to win another game and hope to continue winning in the future,” Ales said.

The Cavalier volleyball team was able to claim a victory against Mater Academy and they plan to continue their season with the same determination to yield the same result. Their next game will be against American at American on Monday, April 17.