Cavaliers Take on Hialeah Thoroughbreds in Tennis Match

The Cavaliers tennis teams aced their matches against the Hialeah T-Breds on March 7. They played at the Biltmore tennis courts late into their season. Both teams did very well and are hoping to keep up their current results during the rest of their season. They have proven to be a team to watch out for throughout their season given their current record and are ready for whatever team comes next.

The girls did well in their matches, all winning their singles sets 8-0. The girls are very confident with their team’s performance and their chances to do well in later competitions. It was a match to watch, with the girls running all over the court to lock in their victory. They played well and are still preparing for the some more difficult games as the season progresses.

“Joining the Gables tennis team has definitely been one of my best decisions this year and Mr.Weiner is an incredible coach. We learn new things each and every day. The season has been great so far and I honestly think that we’re headed towards greater challenges that we will all face as a team,” junior Gayathri Samuel said.

The boys also came out victorious, winning all their individual sets 8-0. The boys team had an impressive performance in their singles and also won their doubles matches  8-0 and 8-5.They have still had some solid performances during the year and continue practicing to improve their skill. With their performance in these matches, the boys team proves to be a serious contender.

“The match went well. We played an inferior opponent, but we went out there, performed and took care of business. For the rest of the season we expect to make it to Districts and then hopefully Regionals. We definitely have the talent to do so,” sophomore Dylan Carol said.

The tennis team has had a strong season so far and continuously trying to improve. Their next match will be March 14 at the Biltmore where the Cavaliers will take on the Stingrays.