Cavalier Bowling Rolls Into a Loss

On Sep. 20, 2016, Gables’ bowling team faced off against Southwest’s bowling team. Unfortunately, the Cavalier bowling team lost to Southwest in both the boys’ and girls’ match. The boys’ team lost by 13 in the first two games and then by 50 in the third. Freshman Kevin Monjarrez got the highest score for the Cavaliers with 213 points in the second game. The girls’ team didn’t do much better, losing by margins of 100 or more.

“The first game, we were just off; none of us could really adjust to the lane conditions,” Monjarrez said.

Sadly, the pregame chant of “bowling is life and life is bowling” couldn’t help the Cavalier’s bowling team win. They lost all three consecutive games, and as Arturo Diaz Dube was out sick, his score was replaced with the lowest score on the team. The boys’ team lost by about 80 points and the girls’ lost by by nearly 100 points. With this third loss for both teams, the boys’ team is now 3-3, while the girls’ team is 2-3.

The boys’ bowling team previously beat South Dade, Braddock and South Miami, but has now lost to Columbus, Ferguson and Southwest. The girls team has so far beaten South Dade and South Miami, and has lost to Braddock, Ferguson and Southwest.

Hopefully the teams can rally for wins against American and Columbus on Monday, Sep. 26, and Tuesday, Sep. 27, next week. But until then, they’ll have to practice to to improve upon their records from last year.