Raiders Take the Cake in a Home Defeat


Cameryn Padron

One of the very intense plays seen throughout the game.

On Thursday, March 5, the Cavaliers squared off against Ransom Everglades in a gridlocked volleyball match ending with a 3-0 defeat.

“I think we played well. Since some of us already play other sports, we know what it takes to fight to win. Unfortunately, we didn’t, but our coaches prepared us well. There is always room for improvement, but I felt that our energy was good and everyone was enjoying themselves while playing, and that is how it should be,” freshman Chris Brown said.

From the very start of the heated match, the teams were seemingly even, both dealing out multiple back and forth points, with little to separate them. But Ransom started to pick up the pace, taking the game from straight forward to unpredictable; they started spiking harder and harder, until our Cavaliers were worn down. When the whistle blew and the game officially came to an end, the Cavaliers were on the unfortunate losing side of the net.

Although the Cavaliers suffered this minor setback, they will be back on their feet soon and hopefully better than ever; for them, this is just another way to improve their performance and come out on top when they face the Raiders again. Their next game will be March 10 at 3:30 p.m., where they will face Florida Christian.