Cavaliers Score 10-0 Against Bulldogs

Kelly Hanley and Cameryn Padron


On Monday, Feb. 22, the Coral Gables varsity baseball team went head to head against Hialeah Educational High School at the University of Miami’s Alex Rodriguez Baseball Park. Being only the fourth game of the season, not all of the team members were able to play in the game. To assure the student body was a part of this success, all students were invited to go on a field trip to support the team. About five hundred students from all the different academies at Gables joined in to cheer for the Cavaliers.

“The baseball game was a tremendous success; it allowed the student body to come together for our amazing team and the location was just an addition to the great game. Our team definitely put all their effort in the game and it resulted in a 10-0 score – very proud to be a Cavalier!” freshman Lisvey Perez said.

Despite the radiant sun’s energy that lit the ballpark, the crowd did not fail to cheer for our first pitcher, Ernest Denis (No. 29). The Cavaliers had a very successful first inning and managed to score six runs. As the heat increased and the game went on, our offensive side progressively got better and continued to put down the Bulldogs. Our batters did very well and kept the Bulldogs running around after hits. It was still a great game for both teams – both got to experience what playing on a collegiate baseball field is like.

“Overall, it was a great game! We went out to the field and showed Hialeah Educational Academy and our peers what we are capable of doing in the field,” freshman Frankie Fernandez said.

The Gables baseball team is looking forward to the rest of the season and has been looking strong so far. Be sure to catch them in action during their next game on Monday, Feb. 29, against Calvary Christian at Nova Southeastern. Make sure to root for these Cavaliers as they take on the rest of the season.