Gables Beats Columbus 20-10 in Blackout Victory

On Friday, Oct. 30 at Tropical Park, the Cavaliers faced off against one of their best enemies on the football field: the Columbus Explorers. This time around, Gables came out on top with a 20-10 victory.

“I thought it was a great game, especially since we managed to shut out Columbus for over half of the game. I thought our side played to the best of their abilities and it certainly showed,” junior John Smithies said.

If I had to say, I think the win last night was amazing! Compared to our loss last year, I can understand the excitement coming from the crowd and the players. Standing from the side lines, I was able to see how determined and focused the players were. The win was anticipated and taken.”

— sophomore Virgil Alfred

From the start of the game, both sides looked calm and collected – that is, until Gables scored a touchdown within the first five minutes. Already having some momentum, the Cavaliers showed no sign of slowing down, managing to keep Columbus off of the scoreboard for the rest of the quarter. Once the second quarter came around, Gables scored yet again, but unfortunately missed the extra point, only bringing the score up to 13-0. The lead was at its greatest when at the end of the second quarter; the Cavaliers made a third touchdown, and made the extra point this time, bringing the score up to 20-0. In the long run, the missed extra point was nothing to worry about. As the third quarter came and went, neither side made any progress; at 20-0 at the end of the third quarter, it already seemed to be an assured Gables victory.  Columbus finally got on the scoreboard with a field goal, making the score 20-3, but they weren’t satisfied with that. The Explorers managed to get some more points on the board after scoring a touchdown late in the game. However, a 20-10 victory was still sealed for our Cavaliers. When that whistle blew, we had bested the Explorers.

With this big win forever burned in our memories, hopefully we can keep beating Columbus on the field for many years to come. Be sure to catch our Cavaliers at their next game against Southwest on Nov. 7 at Tropical Park.