Simple Holiday Gift Guide


Lane Morris

Let your family and friends know you care by giving them thoughtful gifts.

Lane Morris, Staff Writer

November is already here, which means holiday shopping is right around the corner.

“Holiday shopping is annoying because I never know what to get my friends and family,” junior Kendra Rosario said.

As Rosario and the rest of us know first hand, it is difficult to think of creative and meaningful gifts for friends and family. Below are some cheap, but nice gifts for any occasion.

  • Baking:  As they say, the way into someone’s heart is through their sweet tooth. Anything from cupcakes to pumpkin pie will help keep your family and friends’ sweet tooths satisfied.
  • Picture Frame: Grandparents, friends, parents and even kids will enjoy a picture frame. Picture frames preserve great memories and remind people of how special your relationship is.
  • Fluffy Blanket: With colder weather approaching, everyone likes to cuddle up in a warm blanket and watch seasonal films.
  • Anything homemade: Everyone loves something homemade. When you give someone a homemade gift, they know that you put a lot of thought, time and love into it.

“I think homemade gifts are amazing because they show not only a deeper level of appreciation from the giver to the receiver, but are also much more personal and thoughtful,” junior Harleen Chawla said.

  • Gift Basket: There are a plethora of themed baskets you can put together as presents. Some common ones are: a movie gift basket with someone’s favorite candy, popcorn and movie, or even a spa basket full of body scrubs, detox drinks and nail polish.
  • Slippers: A cozy pair of slippers will keep anyone’s feet warm, especially needed in the cold weather.
  • Gift Cards: Gift cards to favorite food spots never disappoint. Your gift receiver’s stomach sure won’t be complaining, and as they bite into their Chipotle burrito, they will be so thankful.

These are just a few gift ideas that are sure to make anyone smile during the holidays. Happy gift hunting!