Boys Soccer: Gables vs Southwest

Kelly Hanley, Staff Writers

On Thursday, Nov. 13, the boys soccer team took on one of the Gables’s biggest rivals: Southwest. Although the game seemed a bit slow at first, the intensity increased once the first half was over. The score turned out to be 1-0, with the one goal scored by Rodrigo “Pony” Garcia in the 62nd minute of the game.

Since the team was missing five players due to college tour, they had to adjust. Missing core players did make an impact on them, but it did not stop them. The original set up of the team was four defenders, three midfielders, and three forwards. But since the other team’s set up was different (with two forwards, five midfielders, and three defenders), the team had to alter its set up – both defensively and offensively.

“Our defense was strong during the game, but our players at the center of the field weren’t connecting passes very well and it was until after halftime when coach talked to us that we were really working together and accomplished a lot as a team.” junior Bruno Falconi said.

No goals had been scored for the first half of the game, so the team had to change some things up – going along with the plays that had worked well for them and fixing those that had not. It was not until the third quarter of the game that Rodrigo “Pony” Garcia scored a goal assisted by Santiago Perez.

“Southwest was a very good game because we scored on the 1st team all dade goalie,” coach Hudak said.

After the team gathered at half time, the offensive side of the team had improved. The players changed their setup of the field to help them get the ball to travel up the field. They were making significantly better passes, and soon after, they scored the winning goal of the game on the 1st team all dade goalkeeper.

The boys played a good game and finished off with a score of 1-0, adding one more to their 6-0 winning streak. Make sure to catch the boys at their next major game against Columbus on Nov. 22!