Girls Basketball Pre-season


Jordan Sheppard

Members of the girls basketball team in their new uniforms.

Mariam Ahumada, Staff Writer

Never underestimate the girls varsity basketball team, especially when they have a tendency of proving people wrong. Last year, the girls not only exceeded others’ expectations, but their own as well. So there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that they are going to go up and beyond this season just like the last.

The girls basketball team never predicted that they would succeed as much as they did last season. They went from being the underdogs to being the ones who ran the show.

“Practice was good and all, but when it came to the real deal, these girls became more than just players – they became warriors and it took us all by surprise,” sophomore Tatiana Gaudin said.

The start of a new basketball season not only means the loss of last year’s players, but the addition of new ones. With tryouts having finished recently, there has been an integration of new freshmen. These new players show a lot of promise for the upcoming games, and could possibly be the key to the girls’ success in this year’s basketball season.

“There’s a lot of talent this year coming from the freshmen on the team. They bring really good energy onto the court and I’m very excited to play with them,” senior and team captain Emilia Alvarez said.

These girls have the necessary drive to end this season victoriously. They hope to accomplish significant wins throughout the whole season and to bring home the championship. They also have their share of competitive goals directed against rival schools South Miami, Lourdes and Ferguson.

“Our basketball team has only won districts once. Our goals now is to change that. We want to become part of that history, and achieve what previous female Gables basketball players could not. That is, beat the greater opponent,” Gaudin said.

This group of girls knows what it takes to reach success, and is more than willing to put in the work to reach it. They practice          2-2.5 hours a day, 6 days a week in order to prepare themselves for their upcoming games. Not to mention the extra hours they put in building their strong relationship with each other.

“We want people to know our name. We’re gonna give all we have, and lots of effort in every game,” junior Jessica “Freshie” Landsberg said.

So make way for the girls varsity basketball team – they are known for doing the unexpected and coming out on top. With the recent addition of new players, these girls are playing better then ever, and have the potential and motivation to bring Gables back their rightful title as champion. Catch these girls in action at their first season game against South Dade on Nov. 10.