Boys Soccer: Kicking It off to a Good Start


Kelly Hanley, Staff Writer

Boys varsity soccer has been holding tryouts on Monday Oct 20, Wednesday Oct 22, and Thursday Oct 23.  Due to many star players of the team having graduated from Gables last year, the team is searching for talent. About 50 boys from grades 9-12 have lined up to participate and hopefully make one of the very few slots on the team. The boys varsity team won 17 of 19 games last year; even becoming a bench warmer would be considered an honor. The boys soccer team differs from girls soccer at Gables because there is not a junior varsity team for boys; there is just being on varsity, or not being on varsity.

“We’ve seen a lot of potential and talent, but unfortunately we only have so many spots. I think that this year will be a rebuilding year, and we have a lot of good players, and I think there will be some good chemistry on the field,” boys soccer coach Hudak said.

The boys soccer team hits the field for its first game of the preseason on November 3, so the newest additions to the team have a short amount of time to adjust to the big change of making the team. The team is set to play Miami High on Nov. 7 at Curtis Park at 3 p.m., and all Cavaliers are encouraged to come and show their support. The team expects to have another strong year to come with its new additions. Some true talent has been spotted throughout the tryouts that will be expected to truly help the team have a rewarding season.

“I’m really glad soccer tryouts have had a good turnout this year since it’s a secondary sport, under football and baseball. I think we’ll all do well together, since we are representing our school united as one, and we all share a common goal – no pun intended,” senior Pedro Gimenez said.

The team is making sure to take important precautions regarding injuries. It is practically mandatory to stretch in order to avoid pulling a muscle or causing a permanent injury. Although the team consists of 24 players, it can not risk the wellbeing of its players on and off the field. The team is very excited to start the season and possibly to move on to districts.