What Are You Listening To?


James Burke

The music you listen to can say a lot about who you are.

Annie Farrell, Staff Writer

Students absorb much more during their school day than the sometimes monotonous drone of teachers’ voices. More often than not, their ears are plugged with headphones. Whether they’re sitting in class or walking down the school hallway, students cannot seem to put aside their “jams.”

That being said, CavsConnect tore students away from their playlists and asked, “What are you listening to?” Responses varied, of course, for no two music tastes are alike. With the information collected, we managed to compile a guide to what your music preference might say about you.

Rap/Hip Hop: Though most associate this bold genre with aggression and violence, people who listen to Snoop Dog or Chief Keef are characterized as passionate and honest. They are also said to have very high self-esteem levels and can be a bit impulsive.

“I think rap kind of speaks of where I’m from. If I didn’t live where I live, I probably wouldn’t listen to rap,” sophomore Rey Prieto said.

Country: You are extremely hardworking, and a hopeless romantic at heart. You can be a tad conservative when it comes to your other music tastes, but that’s all good and dandy because you could listen to Luke Bryan all day long.

Alternative: You are not afraid to break the status quo. Your day is made when you find a new band to latch onto. Your creativity and intellectuality are obvious.

Pop: You are most likely an extrovert and love a good party. You are always moving and your hobby is solely to keep up with the latest trends. Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber are your cup of tea.

“I feel like the fact that I listen to pop music says that I am a really energetic and upbeat person, which I am,” senior Allison Peña said.

Rock: You tend to sway to the rebellious side. You can be a little shy, but not when it comes to taking on a new adventure. The oldies are your favorite, and your shuffle mix is mainly composed of The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

Music says something about who a person is. It’s no wonder we cannot rip ourselves away from it – it is an anthem for who we are. No matter your preference, feel free to use music as an escape from your busy day, but just be sure not to tune everything out.