It’s Beach Time! Here’s What You Need!


Sophie Feinberg

A towel, beach bag, water bottle, snack, flip flops, and sunscreen are important things to pack for a day at the beach.

Sophie Feinberg

As we are freed from the bonds of homework, the beach beckons. The sun, sand, and shells of the beach require certain items. Though what to pack for a beach day can be quite obvious, there are things you might be missing! Here is what to pack for the beach:

  • A towel: Whether it be to dry off from a swim or relax on top of the sand, a towel us necessary. Sometimes it’s even a good idea to have a backup if one gets dirty, lost, or a friend forgets one.
  • A bathing suit: This is seemingly obvious, but sometimes people change into it once they get to the beach. A rash guard or tee shirt is good to have to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Sunscreen: Catching some sun is always fun, but catching a sunburn isn’t the greatest. Protect yourself by wearing sunscreen and check out our guide on getting the perfect tan!
  • Sunglasses: People with light colored eyes are especially sensitive to sunlight so they may need more protection. Either way, shield your eyes from the bright sun to keep the fun going.
  • Snacks: Beach excursions can last all day, so you want to make sure to replenish your body. Remember to bring something to eat or drink. You can bring something as small as a granola bar or pack a whole picnic. You don’t want to feel ill or have a headache when you should be enjoying yourself.
  • Time-fillers: Entertainment is key when you are tanning on the beach or just hanging out with friends. Bring a book or a magazine, a Frisbee, snorkels, your iPod or phone, or a soccer ball/volleyball. You can even bring a camera to capture fun memories.
  • Clothes: Extra clothes or a cover up are also important. After a long day at the beach, you may want to go out to eat and most places require more than a bathing suit. Or, if you are tired of feeling sticky and wet, a change of clothes can feel great.
  • Money: Money is important to have as well. You never know when you may need it or if there is something you want to buy at the beach. For instance, a refreshing ice cream cone!

Make sure to pack it all in a decent-sized bag. Things can change depending on if you are going in the water or just for a walk. Hopefully, this list ensures great summer days on the beach full of relaxation and decompression from the stress of school. Remember, “memories made at the beach last a lifetime.”