Stop N’ Shop Sandwiches


Annie Farrell

Visit the Stop N’ Shop on Ponce de Leon Boulevard and take a bite into one of these mouthwatering sandwiches.

Annie Farrell, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A

In close proximity to Coral Gables High School and the University of Miami lies a well-kept and delicious secret. A small Stop N’ Shop Food Store located at 5885 Ponce de Leon Boulevard apparently serves up some surprisingly scrumptious sandwiches.

Complete with quality Boar’s Head deli meat, a fresh bread selection, and a wide array of toppings, these sandwiches surpass the typically bland subs that Subway serves by far.

“It’s really nice because the meat and all the ingredients are fresh, unlike Subway, and it’s really convenient because it is only two blocks away from school,” sophomore Zack Walsh said.

Above the compact sandwich counter hangs a menu packed with an extensive catalog of sandwich options. However, one can feel free to step outside the boundaries of the menu and customize their meal — servers try their hardest to satisfy your specific sandwich needs.

Six inch, nine inch, and foot long sandwiches are all available, depending on your appetite. Not in a “carb-heavy” mood? Not a problem — customers have the option to substitute the traditional sub roll with a croissant, or to wrap their food in a flour tortilla.

With quality and accessibility, however, come some steep prices: a first-class sandwich at Stop N’ Shop can cost from $5.39 for a six-inch to $11.49 for a foot-long. On special occasions, $6.39 foot-longs are offered to cater to your hunger without putting a dent in your wallet. In any case, the cost is worth the high caliber of the food.

“I have been looking to take a break from my never-ending Chipotle kick. I can’t wait to try this place out,” freshman Kristina Sodamin said.

Be sure to stop by and pick up one of these lip-smacking sandwiches to satisfy your after school cravings. The combination of quality, proximity, and customizability that Stop N’ Shop offers is all one could ever want and need in a sandwich, sandwiched together!