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Annie Farrell

Freshman Cassidy Wall and senior Christian Diaz take countless selfies, behavior that Britain announced on April Fools’ Day it was banning.

Annie Farrell, Staff Writer

April Fools! Did you think that there was actually free money connected to this article? If so, you have just become the victim of an April Fools’ prank — a very clever one at that.

Pranks are almost necessary every once in a while to lighten up a boring, everyday routine. April Fools’ Day is the perfect opportunity to pull off a lighthearted prank with little to no repercussions. Whether you take it to the extreme and plan an elaborate prank down to the last detail or take the simple route and do something common, any prank you pull is sure to be immensely amusing. Keep in mind, however, that the best pranks are often entertaining not only for the pranker, but also for the prankee.

“I put saran wrap over the toilet seat for my April Fools’ Day prank this year. My brother wasn’t very happy about it, but he will get over it,” freshman Holden Payne said.

This year, many were witness to April Fools’ Day pranks that are more than worthy of applause. Below are a few that really stood out:

1. “Text-and-Walk” Lanes: Northeastern University’s campus newspaper announced that it would soon be investing in “text-and-walk” lanes, with the intention of ensuring the safety of students prone to the awkward collisions attributed to walking while paying attention to their smart phones. One student named Jackson was quick to comment on the article, bringing up another traffic issue: “Northeastern, as usual, ignores the plight of Flappy Bird-​​biking and Twitter-​​longboarding enthusiasts. When do we get our own lanes?!”

2. The Pokémon Challenge: Here’s a money opportunity for you! Google introduced a quest for a new job position of Pokémon Master, in which aspiring employees had to complete the “Pokémon Challenge.” With the aid of Google Maps, recruits needed to capture each and every wild Pokémon identified on the map in order to qualify for the job. Google’s goal: utilize the Pokemon aficionado’s advanced skills to revolutionize Google Maps by stepping it up to the “next dimenson.”

3. Say “No” to Selfies: On April 1, 2014, at 6 a.m., Metro News reported that the British government was planning to administer a ban on selfies. With the information and data regarding selfies gathered by Louie Greary, the poster child for the anti-selfie movement, the U.S. and British governments were carefully reviewing what Greary deems “selfie crimes.” Britain, being more responsive and proactive to this cultural issue than the U.S., was said to have devised some sort of selfie bans and restrictions, such as a 10 Instagram selfie limit per month, and a £25 fine for the publication of 11 or more selfies in the monthly span. One statistic the article offered was the doubling of full-length mirror sales in Britain in 2013. Shocking.

4. A New High: The Chaplain of the Choir of King’s College Cambridge, Richard Lloyd Morgan, made public the future paramount change in the choir’s vocal dynamics. Due to the recent development of webcasting services for the choir and the strict regulations attached to these broadcasts, the choir decided that there was no longer a place for young boys to sing. To make certain that the choir’s vocal dynamics were not affected by this change, altos were assigned the unfilled roles of sopranos and given helium balloons to breathe from before singing to reach a higher male pitch.

As you can see, this April Fools’ Day was surely a hoax-filled one. Did you participate in any April Fools’ fun this year, or were you the solemn fool? In any case, some of the clever pieces of trickery listed above might inspire you to pull off something of colossal and hilarious magnitude next year.