Follow the Yellow Brick Road… to Success

Sophie Feinberg , Staff Writer

As high schoolers, we have adulthood looming over our heads. Within four years or less, we must step into the adult world, where the task of finding a job becomes a daunting reality. Unfortunately, we can’t just click our sparkly red heels together like Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, and transport to the perfect career of our choice. However, with these simple steps, you will find yourself skipping down the yellow brick road to success in the career of your dreams!

  1. Think: Think about what interests you. Find classes you might be interested in or activities you’re passionate about. Soon, you will know what areas to search for a career in. Also, keep in mind how long you would like to work each day, considering that some jobs have longer hours than others. If you have no idea what job would be a fit for you, try some career quizzes. Many search options exist online. Simply type “free career search quiz” into any search engine and you will have plenty of resources to help you find a suitable career. If online quizzes don’t work for you, try taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery(ASVAB). However, don’t let the word armed services scare you away from taking this quiz. According to Mr. Hernandez, a stigma surrounds the test and many don’t take the exam because of it, even though it really is a great test. “It is one of the best tools to tell you what you are,” says Mr. Hernandez. It gives you a picture of your current skills and what jobs you should try. Plus, it is more comprehensive than the PSAT due to the fact that it uses a less accurate method based on personality.  The ASVAB is recommended for juniors or seniors ,and the results are not shared with the military. So, if that was your concern, there is no need to worry. Remember, don’t allow certain results to steer you away from your dream job. With hard work, you can accomplish anything.
  2. Explore: Now that you have an idea of what interests you- explore! Take classes in a career that you might be interested in. For instance, if you like fashion, take fashion as an elective. Or, if you like business, take business related classes. Our school has classes for everyone; use the academies as a tool to investigate yourself further. If fashion is your passion, join the Design, Education, and Hospitality Academy or if business is perfect for you, become a member of the Business, Management, and Information Technology Academy. Another great option is Pro Chat. At Pro Chats, you get to hear mostly Gables alumni talk about their own careers. You can attend as many as you want in areas you’re interested in or attend one about a job you never knew existed. It could turn out to be something you end up liking. You can sign up for Pro Chats right here on Cavs Connect and soon you can be learning the works of a criminal lawyer to even becoming a professional baseball player. You may also try volunteering your time at a company to see if the career might work for you. If you’re interested in being a lawyer, talk to someone in the field to see if you might be able to sit around the office and look around. You may also want to apply for an internship. Soon, you’ll know exactly what career is perfect for you.
  3. Plan: Now that you have found your dream career, you must plan as to how to acquire that position. Do you need a college degree? What college has classes for your career choice? Search online for a college perfect for you or talk to Gables’ own college counselor, Ms. Stack. If you don’t need a degree or you are looking for a job before college, you must search for job offers online or in the newspaper. Be sure set up a resume, which portrays you positively without stretching the truth. On an interview, dress for the job you want and remain composed and professional. It also looks great to send a thank you note to anyone involved in helping you look for a job or to anyone who was a part of the interviewing process. Also, keep ethics in mind. Do not lead a company on. If you plan to be there for a short time, it is unfair because the company thinks they have filled a position and it prevents someone else from having the job. If you don’t know where to start, ask a teacher, counselor, parent, or any employed adult. If they are employed, they can obviously provide some aid in your own career search.
  4. Achieve: With your plan, you can achieve! Set your plan in action and soon you’ll be a career-holding professional. Keep in mind: while not all your classes may be important or related to your career choice, low grades in any class can negatively impact your dreams. Work hard and soon you’ll be working in your dream career.

Just keep in mind the simple acronym TEPA and soon you’ll be following the yellow brick road to the career you’ve always dreamed of. Who needs sparkly red shoes anyways?