How To Be An All-Day Energizer Bunny

This student decided to skip out on breakfast and, as a result, dozed off in class.

Hannah Cordes

This student decided to skip out on breakfast and, as a result, dozed off in class.

Hannah Cordes, Sports Editor

People, especially over-stressed students, tend to constantly fall into the deceiving tricks of the end of the day drowsiness. Whether it is 7th or 8th period, or chilling at home, around 1:00 PM you are more than likely already exhausted and in the mood to take a nap. However, there are possible solutions to stay awake throughout the whole day. In order to achieve this, follow these eight tips to stay energized throughout the whole day:

1. Eat a good breakfast: Starting with a good healthy breakfast sets you up for the rest of the day. Your breakfast should contain some protein, fruit, and carbohydrates, such as toast or yogurt. You will discover your day will be easier to get through with a good breakfast. Milk is beneficial to your health, but it can also make you drowsy, so don’t drink too much of it.

2. Stretch: Stretching is a good way to stay occupied and awake. Something you can do during class without disturbing the lesson is stretch your arms, wrist, shoulders, and neck. Also requiring little effort, at the start of every morning before getting out of bed try stretching to help you wake up.

3. More Eating: During the day you can keep up with energy by eating a good lunch and small healthy snacks throughout the day. The snack should be nutritious, like an apple or maybe cashews. Also, if your teacher allows it, chewing minty gum will keep you awake and freshen your breath.

4. Sit up: Sitting up straight can make a pretty big difference. Not only will it keep you out of a sleeping position, but more oxygen flows to your brain and you can pay better attention.

5. Get interested: Get into the topic your teacher is talking about. Try to be part of it and answer questions. This will help to distract you from thinking of getting home to your cozy bed.

6. Exercise: Believe it or not, exercise helps you more than it hurts you. In between classes, if you have time, try to take the long route to your next class as it will help you to be more alert. This also applies to late night studying. If you are falling asleep in your textbook, you need to get up and do some jumping jacks, jumps, or just walk around your house a few times.

7. Less Caffeine: Take the small cup instead of the tall, too much caffeine will make you crash, and stay away from sugary sodas. Try black tea or smaller doses of coffee instead. If you don’t want or don’t like caffeine drinks, ice cold water works, too.

8. Keep busy: Between classes, either talk to your friends about an interesting subject or last night’s television episode, watch a funny video, or listen to music. This will keep you pumped up and have something to think about besides being tired.

These tips will surely help you stay awake during class, or on an ordinary day. Following them will increase your alertness so you’ll be just like an energizer bunny all day long!