Transitioning Your Fall Wardrobe for the Winter

Transitioning Your Fall Wardrobe for the Winter

Freshmen Mark Braun, Maria Ordonez, and Ms. Lopez, show off their winter wardrobe.

Just as seasons change, everyone’s wardrobe is bound to transform in order to accommodate to the weather conditions. With the transition of summer to fall, you go from shorts to capris. Then, when it’s time for winter, you select your best fitted jeans to take out on a cold, breezy day. Sometimes the concept of a fall to winter change of clothing doesn’t fit into the Miami weather, which is usually dominated by long summers that only become slightly colder when December arrives.

One of the most ideal and easy ways to find clothing items for the fall to winter transition are tights. Most girls can already find tights lying around in their closet drawers, and this versatile piece of clothing can surely be found in your local clothing stores for a reasonable price. If you still have those skirts and shorts from the summer or early fall, you may consider wearing tights underneath it. Not only will this combination provide comfort and weather protection for the cold winters, but it will still allow you to rock your favorite summer shorts without looking tacky.

All throughout the summer and even the fall, wearing flats or open toed shoes are a must because of the hot weather. Transitioning into winter, a go-to item is definitely a pair of boots. The splendid thing about boots is that they can be worn and matched with almost anything. You can wear them with dresses, jeans, and even skirts. Also, they tend to never go out of style, and appear back in stores every winter.

“My favorite [thing about the] transition of clothing from fall to winter is that I get to add a pair of boots with almost every outfit! They are cute, simple, and fashionable. Best of all, they keep my feet warm. Not only that, but they can give a simple outfit a sophisticated look,” freshman Sabryna Gonzalez said.

Another one of everyone’s favorite accessories for the winter season are scarves. They are a simple addition to any piece of clothing and complement any outfit. Scarves not only keep you extra warm, but they also add a cute accessory to your everyday outfit. They come in almost all colors and with various patterns, so you’ll have no problem combining them with whatever outfit you’re already wearing.

Also, when having to transform your outfits for the winter, a major factor to consider is the color of your clothing; this will keep your wardrobe in accordance with the colors of the season. Your closet may be filled with dazzling neon colors still hot from summer, so darkening your wardrobe for the winter season is a definite necessity. Colors such as black, brown, dark plum, burgundy, dull gray, and emerald are must have colors for the fall and winter. They add a ‘dark’ look to your outfit, yet still maintain a pop of color that give your style character.

The fact that purple remains a color favorite for the winter season not only makes your outfit more alive, but it still fits in the ‘dark’ theme of the season. Likewise, eye makeup with dark purples allows for all eye colors to stand out, and contribute to making the perfect smoky eye for the occasion.

From the light summer colors to the darker shades of fall and winter comes a new and imperative piece of clothing that will brighten up your look. A simple addition to your wardrobe, such as tights, or a fashionable accessory like boots can fully transition your fall wardrobe into the winter season.