All I Want For Christmas Is…


After finding your perfect gift, you can place it underneath a Christmas tree or hide it in a stocking to surprise the person on Christmas morning.

Christmas time is near, and finding the ideal gift continues to get harder as the holidays come closer. The perfect gift should be something your loved one would love while also staying within your budget. The following are some quick tips to getting that special someone a great gift.

1- Know your budget. Before you can inquire into what you’re going to be giving, you need to decide how much you’re willing to spend on that gift. Whether it’s $30 or $60, set a limit, considering most people give gifts to more than one person. If your budget is between the $30-$60 range, some possible gift ideas include the newest video games (ex. GTA V) or a perfume that you know they might like (ex. Katy Perry’s Killer Queen Eau De Parfum).

“Last Christmas, I bought my dad a watch because he kept complaining about not keeping time well. I kept within a $30 budget so that I would still be able to buy my mother and sister gifts as well,” sophomore Joshua Zambrano said.

2- Know who you’re gifting to. Not everyone you know is the same. Figure out what that person likes: stores, colors, food, movies, etc. Once you know what they like, try to incorporate into the gift something they enjoy and your relationship with them. When you form a bond with somebody, you tend to talk about certain things, create memories, and establish inside jokes. To make your gift more personal and sure to be enjoyed, try to get a gift that resembles the connection. Although giving a gift is a well-known tradition, some people enjoy going out to dinner or traveling instead of exchanging gifts. Depending on who you are giving a gift to, you can decide which would be best; make sure to keep your budget in mind.

“In elementary school, whenever there was a holiday, like Christmas, we’d spend the class time making our parents a gift. One year we made a frame out of popsicle sticks that we could hang on the tree. The popsicle sticks would be the frame, then we’d decorate the frame with stickers and colors ,and add a picture of ourselves in it. I still remember how happy I was to be making my parents a gift for Christmas on my own,” junior Matthew Forero said.

3- Get the gift. Some gifts are best given handmade. Making a scrapbook for your best friend or personalizing a frame for your mom are a few handmade gift ideas that you might consider. Determine whether the gift should be handmade and plan out how you’ll make it. (Note: Hand-made gifts may cost more money, so consult your budget.) If you think it’s best to buy the gift from the store, find the store in which you’d purchase it and buy it.

4- Package it. Some gifts look best wrapped and in a box if they are shaped in a rather common shape (rectangular or circular) and others look best in a bag if the gift is  shaped unusual. Try to make your gift look generic; make sure no one can tell what your gift is before they even open it. If the gift is oddly shaped, chances are the person you’re giving a gift to will be able to guess what it is.

“Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year. I usually like to wrap my gifts if I’m giving it to someone because ripping off the wrapping paper is more fun and exciting. I use Christmas themed wrapping paper most of the time, but sometimes I use bags because they fit the gift better and they’re also recyclable,” senior Melissa Perez said.

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