The Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival


The Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival is a great way to enjoy the weekend.

Natalia Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Our Rating: A-

Hispanic Heritage Month is a widely celebrated month of festivities, especially in Southern Florida where the hispanic population is one of the largest in the United States. To celebrate the month, the city of Coral Gables hosts the annual Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival, a weekend offering a multitude activities and performances that showcase Hispanic culture.

Founded in 2010 by the Gables Hispanic Cultural Foundation Inc., the festival aims to promote Hispanic culture and all of its unique aspects. From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Oct.22 and 23, the non-stop festivies enlivened the city with music, food, and performances, and drew others to participate.

Throughout the day, the main stage was the center of attention and the heart of the festival, allowing various performing acts, whether they be musicians, dancers, or even theatre groups, to proudly present their talents while representing their own heritage. Past the main stage, small white tents, each hosting a different organization or business lined the streets. Local artists and jewelers used the opportunity to feature their crafts, while local sports teams, such as the Miami Marlins, set up bounce houses and as well as other carnival-style games for children and adults alike. The sweet smell of food wafted through the air, as restaurants prepare an assortment of delicacies from Latin cuisine.

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I loved being able to play dominoes with my friends at one of the booths. It was also really nice to be surrounded by people who are so proud to be hispanic.”

— sophomore Adriana Obeso

The festive and patriotic ambiance of the Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival is one of the many reasons that makes the festival such a pleasure to attend. By simply strolling along the street, you could feel the overwhelming pride everyone had for their hispanic background. However, attending the festival was a little more costly than expected. Although there was no fee for admission into the festival, the numerous booths posed a slight problem to those on a budget. The many crafts, artworks, and foods were not free of charge, and visitors could easily spend more than intended. Nevertheless, money should not be the concern of anyone who wishes to go. The captivating performances by the musical guests and dancers can be seen for no cost at all, and are well worth the trip.

“I think the best thing [to do at the festival] would be to go to all the booths. Every one of them. There’s always something to see at all of them, sit down and play some dominoes, enjoy the art. There’s so much to do. I would definitely recommend someone to go to the festival, it’s an experience that makes you think how badly you don’t want to leave Miami,” freshman Melanie Giquel said.

If you’re looking for an uplifting and spirited way to brighten up your day, pass by the Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival next time it comes around!